Stock # EV455
Mileage: 34,273
Automatic 4-Speed

1994 Chevrolet Impala SS
“Bad In Black
5.7L LT1 Engine
(Corvette PowerTrain
First & Lowest Production Year For the Impala (1 of 6,303
2 Owners / Clean Carfax
Original Documentation Plus
Original Window Sticker
Vin # 1G1BN52P6RR168079
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We purchased this from only the second owner
Evolve Motors is pleased to present the 1994 Impala SS, a sports sedan with attitude
I remember the picture like it was yesterday… Slinky black sedans led by a sheriff's patrol car with blue beacons blinking, stretched beneath massive cylinder sections of the Apollo booster rocket displayed at NASA's Lyndon B. Johnson Center near Houston
Each sedan, framed against this Space Age backdrop, looked identical in windswept profile. Each was trimmed in serious black and carried a blackout front grill with not a hint of chrome. Flash points came strictly from solar reflections bouncing off expansive curved glass of sloping windshields, and the five streaks of alloy wheel spokes
Even when backed against the bulk of gigantic rocket boosters, these black sedans also looked big – and they were, stretching almost 18 feet from bumper to bumper
Peek beneath those extended prows and you'll find a big LT1 Corvette V8 ready to pump you up to fast-lane action
Also, their covert handling components range from front and rear stabilizer bars and some specific gas-pressurized deCabon shocks to quick-ration power steering gears
Inside, leather buckets and a leather-laced steering wheel set the mood for aggressive, yet elegant, performance
Then the badge on Chevrolet's big macho cruiser makes a statement of it's own: Impala SS, deriving it's name from the African antelope of the same name
After the absence of 25 years, Chevy's archetypal sportster returned with something borrowed from yesteryear (that vintage nameplate) and various elements from early 90's sedans (such as the full-size Caprice chassis and sheetmetal shell), but with new active sport components added (like the beefy Corvette V8 and hard cornering suspension elements) to blast a course toward tomorrow
It's a clear cut case of deja vu all over again. Yet the 94 Impala SS is not it's 1950's namesake. The only similarity, in fact, comes from the name and Chevy's tradition for sporty engineering. The new version, with four doors instead of two on the original issue, contains a wealth of sophisticated gear for performance as well as safety
It also provided a consumer choice for anyone who longs for aggressive automotive action while trapped in the familial syndrome as a carpooling fool hauling spouse and kids to shopping malls and little league games. With this thing, see, you can still carry everyone in the family but you'll have so much fun along the way, thanks to all that pedal power and pliant road manners. In retrospect, I was never a fan of the Caprice – too much car, not enough muscle. Why would Impala be different
Well, it is. It's radical; it's bad, which is good
Take a walk around this low mileage survivor and see that the exterior sheet metal sits pretty draped in her “bad in black” paint, showing no signs of damage, repairs, or God forbid, rust. We were absolutely stunned to find that a young little 74 year old lady had originally owned this car, and she and her husband seemed to be very much in love with it even before it hit their dealerships lot! They were reluctant to get rid of it, but when they did they chose the right guy. The gentleman we bought the car from took just as good care of it as the previous original owners. It stayed in a climate controlled garage for the better part of the last 17 years, only being brought out on nice weather days to be enjoyed for a short time, and put back. Needless to say, the cars exterior is flawless, from the rubber to the rooftop

1994 Chevrolet

Impala SS 4dr Sedan

Stock # EV455