Stock # EV392T
Mileage: 3,749

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible
Original 283 ci Power Pack 4bbl V8
Original Powerglide Transmission
Vin # VC57K107031
Original Motor and Driveline
Engine Block# T520 FC - 283ci Power Pack
Engine Head# 3731539 – Power Pack
Manifold# 3731398 – 283ci for 4 bbl Rochester
Carb – Rochester 4bbl – Correct
Transmission#- 3708134
Transfer Case#- 3719243
Trim Tag Info
Trim – 682 Originally Yellow/Silver now Black/White
Paint – 800 Originally Colonial Cream now White
Mileage- Shows 3,749 which we believe is actually 103,749
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We purchased this from what is believed to be only the second owner
Evolve Motors is pleased to present our gorgeous 1957 Chevy Bel Air Convertible 283 ci Powerpack 4bbl classic
You are looking at a very fine example of a '57 Convertible with its original 283 ci Power Pack 4bbl motor and driveline. We bought this car from what we believe to be only the second owner (less than a year). The car was purchased from an older neighbor who had passed away. What began as a Colonial Cream colored car over a Yellow and Silver interior is now an all White car over a Black and White interior. We are not sure when the switch was made but based on the paint and condition we believe it was refinished about 10 years ago, possibly more. The car is in fantastic condition and is as nice in person as it appears in our pictures
Outward the body shows nice and straight all over. The paint color is deep and shows a quality refinish job. The outer finish is deep and shines nicely, free of major surface scratches and paint blemishes. We do not detect any noteworthy bondo cracks or blisters and the body looks extremely true and straight. The trim, chrome, bezels and emblems are in amazing shape and show in top quality condition. The fender look great, free of the notorious headlight vent rust. Normal light chips on edges are noted as you can see in our pictures. The panel gaps are all consistent and the doors, hood, trunk, bumpers all line up nicely. They close just as nicely as you would hope. The lights, bumper rubbers, and grilles show in top condition as well. The rockers show nice and solid throughout. We note only a few minor blemishes in the body. There is a low door scratch that was touched up on the passenger side. We noticed that the left rear bumper chrome appears off center (possibly from backing into something). This can be adjusted on the mount easily. We note very light blistering on the lower rear edge of the passenger fender (see pic). We also notice 1-2 patches on the floorboards that were done in fiberglass and can be replaced with metal if desired. The trunk is very solid throughout and we only note 2 minor rust spots in the rear corners (see pics). The rear body panel is solid which is most important
Inward the car stand just as nice. The interior shows a nice original look. The seats material is in excellent condition as are the door and trim panels. The dash shows the perfect patina and the gauges and switches look fantastic in their original condition. The glass is perfect on the car and shows only some normal windshield nicks and a light wiper blade abrasion. The top is in excellent condition and the power mechanism and frame move smoothly and properly. Window gaps are nice and tight. The carpets look nice although a little worn on the edges. Seat belts are present and look era correct. All windows roll up and down smoothly, free of excess play or slop. The orininal radio (not working) is present as is the clock
Mechanically the car is unusually sound. It is very evident that the car was well looked after over the years. The original 283 ci 4bbl Power Pack engine fires up on one revolution and idles perfectly. No smoke is detected on start up or under acceleration. The valve train is quiet and the oi