Stock # EV560
Mileage: 25,385
Manual 3-Speed
Bermuda Green
White And Green

1954 Chevrolet 210 Sedan


VIN: B54J059368

Paint: 542
Trim: 306
Body: J14867
Top: ACC
Engine #: 0445347F54Z
Head: 3835913

Chicago Car Club is pleased to present this 1954 Chevrolet 210!

There sure aren't many out there quite like this one. This '54 Chevy is an exceptional example in terms of originality, cosmetic condition, and mechanical order. We purchased the car out of a large collection of early American cars in rural Middle-America, the whole collection being liquidated following the passing of the estate's owner. Of the hundreds of cars on offer, this one stood out to us for a number of reasons. First off, being a well-documented one-owner car at 63 years old immediately made us attracted to it. So rarely do we come across cars like this that have never privately changed hands. This car will come with the original title (laminated), original owner's manual and warranty information, dealer inspection report from '54 (with engine number noted), and photographs of the couple that originally owned the car. Second, the original colorway of Bermuda Green over Green/White cloth interior is striking at the very least, and we were smitten by the quality of the finish. Third, the car is free of any through rust whatsoever. There is no evidence of any prior metal work (elcometer, professional opinion), and the underbody is in extremely impressive shape for an unrestored car of this vintage. It makes sense that the car would be well-preserved, considering that the car has remained in indoor storage in a dry portion of the county for it's entire life, but impressive to see nonetheless. The fourth and final reason why we're so exited to have this car is the phenomenal originality. The engine (#0445347F54Z) is original to the car, and the mileage of just over 25,000 is believed to be accurate; odometer is functional and 25k miles is consistent with observable mechanical wear. Our mechanic, a credible and well-versed 50s Chevy enthusiast, even said it himself, “If anybody is ever curious as to what a new Chevy felt like in the 1950s, this is as close as they'll ever get.”


Bermuda Green (#542) really is the perfect color for these cars. The car wears a respray of the original color, and the finish is excellent, show-quality. There is absolutely no paint run or anything of the sort, paint work was clearly done to high standard. The body is nice and straight, there are no dents or dings to be found on the car. The car presents exceedingly well. Chrome is in great shape all around, with a nice bright shine and no dings. There is a little bit of oxidation on the hood ornament and inside creases of the front bumper, but overall chrome is very, very nice. Take a look at the photos of the rear wheels; on the driver's side in the upper forward corner of the wheel well you'll see a penny-sized bubbling spot. It has not cracked paint or anything, but there is a small bubble there. Rock guards at the rear of the rockers are in great shape, with no corrosion or damage hidden behind them. Lights are all crack-free, though the front fogs are a bit faded. Glass is nice and clear throughout, though there is a small chip at the passenger bottom of the windshield. Rubber weatherstripping is in good shape. Chrome hubcaps are in nice shape, whitewall tires have all their tread left but are a bit old – the passenger rear whitewall is yellowing. We do have a full service shop, so if you would like a new set of tires ordered and mounted, we can absolutely make that happen.


Original, unrestored interior presents very well. Body-colored dash looks fantastic. Interior chrome is in great shape and shines bright; the chrome accents really pop against the green dash. Both front and rear bench seats are free of any tears or scuffs and the white/green colorway looks great against the green exterior. Original steering wheel, gear lever, and gauges are all in excellent shape. Gauges are all functional, and the fan works great. Radio is not currently functional.

Under the Hood / Underbody:

The original 235cid 3.9L inline 6-cylinder and 3-speed manual on the column are in excellent mechanical order. Upon taking the car out of storage we changed the fluids and took a look at the brakes; it does not need any more attention, with the exception of a set of tires if the next owner does so choose. We've been driving the car quite a bit and have never experienced so much as a stutter under hard acceleration; there are absolutely no tendencies or noises of concern. The car quietly comes to life first turn of the key, idles cool and steady, and feels great on the road. The car tracks straight down the road as well as under braking, shifts nice and smooth, and suspension is supple and does not wander. Brake pedal is nice and firm, and brakes are very effective. Wouldn't hesitate to drive it anywhere. Underneath, the car is in great shape. There is no damage or corrosion, and all metal appears to be original. Please take a good look through the photos and video, as the car is documented in detail.

Overall, this is an extremely nice, well-preserved, low-mileage example that is sure to make the next owner very happy regardless of if they intend to daily drive the car or retire it to a climate-controlled collection. Please feel free to reach out to Mike or Jake at 773-267-2684 with any additional questions.