Stock # EV575
Mileage: 20,269
Stainless Steel

We purchased this Delorean out of Georgia from the family of a well-established Delorean guru who had recently passed away. The car's owner, Mr. Heninger, was actually the founder of Heninger and Associates, a company who supplied parts for, as well as rebuilt, Deloreans to “better than new” spec. While the website is now out of commission, he ran a site called for many years. This particular car, #6022, had the full H&A treatment in the early 2000s, following Mr. Heninger's purchasing of the car in 2001 (car had 16k miles at this time). As it sits, this is a well-documented, well-sorted Delorean with respectable provenance and only minor blemishes inside and out. This car will be sold with all of the original manuals and booklets, the original buyer's order and Bill of Sale, a summary of everything that went into the H&A refurbishment, as well as a ton of other Delorean-related goodies like magazines and photos from past Delorean club get-togethers. The full H&A upgrade package included the following
- Convert from fuel injected to carbureted
- Upgraded exhaust system with cat-delete, increasing hp
- Upgrade alternator with a 14.5V, 110A unit. Generating 133A at 2000rpm
- Replace all instrument cluster light bulbs and install new lens
- Install H&A door torsion springs
- H&A non asbestos muffler heat shield installed
- Double stitched vinyl headliner and door inserts
- New Naugahyde seat covers with fresh foam top layer
- Carpeting installed with 50% higher pile than original
- Three quarter inch sound insulating carpet padding installed, as well as six pounds of sound insulation material applied to each tire well for quieter riding
- Air conditioning converted to R134a
- High performance coil. Duraspark ignition ECU, MSD ignition harness, plugs gapped at .050
- Cylinder vacuum. 22-24” Hg. (Mercury) at 2000rpm
- Water pump with pulley diameter reduced to increase radiator fluid flow by 50% and provide better cooling at idle
- H&A shocks front and rear, as configured by Monroe Engineering
- Eyebrow minimizers for flatter front fascia over headlights
- Continuous air bleed unit direct from thermostat to overflow tank to minimize overheating
- Metal end radiator, installed replacing plastic ends
- Catalyzed copolymer brake dust repellent wheel coating applied
- H&A front rotor air vents installed to reduce hot rotor distortion
- Blue sky door gas strut bracket installed for both doors
- Fuel pump, fuel pump over and in tank boot replaced
- Air intake manifold O rings replaced
- Heater/AC blower motor replaced
- Outer door seals upgraded to 1/8” larger diameter tube with H&A outer seals for improved air/water tightness. Bottom door seal upgraded as well to reduce road noise
- Replaced transaxle boots
- Replaced windshield washer pump
- Stainless body panels regrained
- Window motor regulators upgraded
- Front and rear fascia refinished with flexible bumper coating
- Engine compartment refinished
- There are four small spots of damage on the body to be aware of. The most glaring is a small wrinkle dead center of the passenger door. It is about half an inch above the mid-line trim piece. There is another small wrinkle at the rearward inside corner of the driver door (on roof), where it looks as though the door was over-opened at some point. There are also two small dents, one on the driver rear quarter at the mid-line level just behind the rear wheel, and the other at the very rear bottom of the passenger rear quarter
- Stainless shines nicely, with minimal wear or scratches
- Wheels are in excellent shape. No damage. Tires are in as-new condition, though the DOT number indicates they were manufactured in 2004
- Glass and light lenses are all clear and crack-free
- Doors open and close nicely, and the struts that hold them up function as they should