Stock # 3527
Mileage: 45,200

1953 Diamond T Deluxe 921-T Diesel
44,313 Original Miles
A True Survivor
Cummins Diesel Powerhouse
5 Speed Transmission & 2 Speed Rear
Original Sales Brochure
Formerly owned by a heavy equipment operator down south, this Diamond T was held in a private collection for sometime. Believed to be the finest example left, this true survivor has stood the test of time. What makes this truck so rare is not only its current condition but the fact that these rigs were factory outfitted with the Cummins Diesel! This is the only '53 Diesel example we have set eyes on to date. Strictly garage kept and maintained by the same crew for years, this truck will make an excellent addition to any collection
The exterior of this Diamond T is finished in bright red which highlights all the chrome that these trucks are still known for. Having been painted at some point in time, the refinished cab is not perfect and shows a little patina. The chrome itself shows very well and shines nicely. Down below, the underside and lower portions of the truck are all well painted but show a little patina like the rest of the truck. The sparse interior is reminiscent of simpler times, when the truck drivers had very few amenities. Ours features crank windows, heater, wipers and an auxiliary fan! Overall the low mileage and lack of overall wear and tear is obvious
The reason people bought this rig was for the pulling power. Under the long nose of our Diamond T sits an inline 6 cylinder Cummins Diesel. That powerhouse is backed by a 5 speed transmission and a 2 speed Eaton rear axle. Combined gross weight for this truck is up to 65,000 lbs which is astonishing for 1953!! Luckily this truck has been serviced regularly throughout its life which makes it a dream to drive. The tires are in good shape as are the brakes, and other mechanicals. It starts, runs, and idles nicely. There is no signs of excess smoke, and the engine revs up and drops back down to idle very calmly. It tracks nice and straight while driving and stops in a nice straight line. The transmission climbs through the gears well, and the clutch is stiff, smooth, and does not slip. This Diamond T is a true show piece and turns heads everywhere it goes. Do not miss the opportunity to add this truck to your collection!! Any and all offers are welcome!! Call us today to set up a showing