Stock # 4097
Mileage: 32,340

This car has a known history from new and will come with a binder full of documentation, including extensive service records (timing belt, water pump, clutch about 1000 miles ago), documents from when the car was imported from Italy in 2001, the original manual, and the 130 Coupe parts catalog
This car spent the majority of its life under the original owner, a gentleman in Tuscany. In 2001 it was imported by a collector in Florida, who proceeded to sell it to another collector in California a few years later. The FL-based owner drove the car sparingly, whereas the CA-based owner serviced and drove the car a bit more, including a drive to Monterey to be displayed at the Concorso Italiano. The car then came to Connecticut, where it has remained for the last year. This is a four owner car
This is obviously a very rare car, particularly here in the United States, as these cars were never imported and federalized. Production figures are as follows
- 4,491 130 Coupes were produced total from 1971-1977. Only about 10% of those were equipped with the 5-speed ZF gearbox (dogleg), as opposed to the 3-speed Borg Warner Automatic. So, say roughly 500 total manual 130 Coupes
- One of 197 total 130 Coupes produced for 1975
- While we do not have records of exact numbers, we know that the overwhelming majority of 130 Coupes had velour interior. Usually orange. This car was optioned with black leather. We know that the driver's seatback was reupholstered (per a receipt from 2010), the remainder of the interior is believed to be original
Service Documentation
2011: Replace U joint half axis (4) and U joint prop shaft, replace rear trans seal, change trans and diff fluid, replace brake bias bushes, replace air filter
2012: Replace clutch and throwout bearing, rebuild rear brake calipers and bleed, replace timing belt and tensioner
2013: Radiator hose, replace rear wheel bearings, replace thermostat, repair window switch
2014: Replace water pump, replace transmission oil
2016: Install new Michelin Defenders (4
Indianapolis Silver (#0605) is the original color, and this car was repainted once. Finish is very good, with no clear-coat aging or significant chips or scratches. There is one scuff to be aware of, which is over the passenger rear wheel, from where the car rubbed a garage wall. Contact was extremely light and only took off the top layer of paint, and still shows silver underneath. While there aren't any chips or scratches, there are a couple small bubbles to be aware of. Noteworthy bubbles are on the driver's side of the hood, at the very front corner where it rolls over. It has not cracked the paint, but a couple tiny bubbles are there. There is also one dime-sized ding, located at the rearmost and lowest point of the driver's rocker panel. Glass is all clear and crack-free, while the reverse light lenses both have hairline cracks. Stitching on the window channeling is fraying, which you can see in the video. Very minor, but worth noting. Chrome is excellent throughout, with a mirror-like finish. As this car was designed by Paolo Martin at Pininfarina, best known for his work with Ferrari, DeTomaso, Ghia, and Bertone, this car wears Pininfarina badges, which only adds to quintessential Italian feel of the car. Again, please watch the YouTube video accompanying the listing, as it provides a thorough walkaround of the vehicle
The interior of this car is a great place to be. The black leather against the silver exterior suits this elegant coupe just perfectly. Seats are in phenomenal shape, with no scuffs or cracking in both front and rear. Driver's seatback was re-covered in 2010, whereas the rest of the interior was left untouched. Dash is in excellent shape, with all interior wood showing very nicely. No cracking or anything of the sort. Door panels and interior chrome are in excellent s