Stock # EV521
Mileage: 63,442
Vintage Burgundy

1967 Ford Thunderbird Coupe
Time Capsule
Completely Original
63,442 Miles
VIN: 7Y81Z160306
We got a call a few weeks back from a local woman who told us she had a dusty T-Bird occupying her garage, where it had sat since she took possession in the early 1990s. The original owner of the car was a dear friend of hers, and had passed away and passed on her beloved T-Bird. When we went over to her garage to inspect the car, we were taken aback by the car's originality. The car was dusty and sitting on flat tires, but still had the dealer plastic on the seats and belt harnesses, and the Vintage Burgundy paint was unquestionably original. We put a jumper pack on the battery and put in some fresh gasoline, and with a puff of smoke the car came to life
Vintage Burgundy, which is the actual color name from '67, shows well. Paint is entirely original; an elcometer shows readings of 2.9 – 3.3 on every body panel. No repairs, no touch-ups. The car looks sharp in burgundy over black, especially with all the chrome trim, which is very well-preserved. With the exception of some light oxidation on the underside of the rear bumper and a dime-sized ding up front, chrome is in good shape all around. While the car does look sharp, the exterior isn't without fault. At some point in the car's life, it rubbed up against what we figure to be a garage wall, and the passenger side shows some light scuffing. On the driver's side lower front fender there's a small spot where paint has flaked off. Please see the photos, as all blemishes are documented with close-ups. The car's chrome hubcaps show well. The car sits on a new set of Pirelli P400 tires, 205/75/R15 at all four corners
The interior is absolutely this car's strong point. It's true time-capsule quality. There are no tears, scuffs, fading, or much of any signs of wear at all really. The carpet is free of any discoloring or damage, the headliner is in good shape, and the door panels and center console are free of any wear-and-tear. The back seats don't appear to have ever been sat in, as the dealer-fitted plastic is still fastened to the seatbelt buckles. The dealer-fitted plastic front seat covers are still with the car as well, and were on while the car sat in long-term storage. The breakaway steering wheel is a nice touch. Gauges are functional and show minimal patina. Lights are all functional, as is the radio. A/C components are all present, though it has not been converted to R134. All four windows are roll-ups, and track nicely
Under the Hood / Underbody
When we got the car there was a coolant leak from the heater core. We've since bypassed the heater core, which took care of the leak, though at the expense of the heat. Underneath the car looks quite good. There's some slight corrosion on the exhaust towards the rear, but structurally the car is in great shape. Floors and rockers are rock solid. Differential is bone-dry, there are no leaks. This car is fitted with a 6.4L 390cid V8. The car idles quiet, steady, and cool, and drives nicely. It tracks straight, stops well, and doesn't make any noises of concern. The car eats up speed bumps and potholes like they aren't even there
Overall, this is an excellent “survivor” T-Bird. This car has been awaken from hibernation and refreshed, and is now ready to pick up right where it left off in the early 1990s. The originality, ride quality, and the sharp looks of the painted top, rather than a Landau top, make it a real winner in our book