Stock # EV500
Mileage: 0

1919 Ford Model T
Engine Serial Number: 11899448 (June 1925
Head: VTH-1000H 20-27
We purchased this fantastic Model T from a pre-war car collector in Connecticut. Unlike the large majority of Model Ts, this one was actually driven on occasion. The car is equipped with electronic ignition, so there is no need to be concerned about shattering any thumbs while winding up the crank-starter. If you do so fancy the period-correct mechanism of the crank-start, it does work
This is the oldest car we've ever owned, and a true “bucket list” item. It's nothing short of awe-inspiring to see the automotive lineage with this car parked alongside our more contemporary showroom pieces. There are a number of things that really get us excited about how special of a car this is; first off, take a look at the under-hood photos. The fan belt is actually stitched brown leather. The design behind the rear floorboard is a testament to Henry Ford's ingenious efficiency; when he had the car's components delivered to his factory, he specified the size he wanted the crates to be. He then would take the top of the crate off, and use that piece of wood as the rear floorboard, truly making the most of his resources
This particular car comes with a top and side curtains, free of any through tears. If the next owner feels compelled to drive their Model T in the rain, they will be able to do so
Black paint and black leather both show extremely well, exactly as you would expect from such a significant car having just come out of a perfectly-maintained pre-war collection
Car runs and drives just as Henry Ford had intended. Car always starts right up. The planetary transmission takes a bit of getting used to, as the three pedals are for low gear, brake, and reverse, unlike the clutch, brake, accelerator that we have become so accustomed to
Overall, this is a wonderful example of the one that started it all. We feel privileged to have it in our inventory. Please give us a call if interested, we would be happy to answer whatever questions you may have