Stock # EV623
Mileage: 81,182
Lime Gold Metallic
Ivory Gold Kiwi

1968 Ford Mustang GT
302ci 4V V8 / Automatic Transmission
Lime Gold Metallic / Ivory Gold Kiwi Vinyl
81,182 Miles
VIN: 8R01J146463
8: 1968
R: San Jose Assembly Plant
01: Hardtop
J: 302ci V8
146463: Serial
Trim Tag Decode
65A: 2dr Hardtop
Color: I – Lime Gold Metallic
Trim: 2G – Light Ivory Gold Crinkle Vinyl and Ivory Gold Kiwi Vinyl, Standard
Date: 04C – March 4th, 1968
DSO: 71 – Los Angeles
Axle: 5 – 3.00:1, Conventional
Transmission: W – C4 Automatic
- Light Green Metallic is the correct color, and the car appears to have been resprayed once. Elcometer readings range from 6.0-15.0 across the car, consistent with one respray. Paint was clearly done to a high standard, as there's no run or dust under the paint, but there are a number of blemishes. Please see the video that accompanies the listing, as all of the cosmetic blemishes are shown close-up and under direct sunlight. Imperfections include a few decent sized paint flakes, dings on the driver rear quarter, what looks like minor hail damage on the trunk lid, and another paint flake on the passenger front fender. Again, please defer to the photos and video
- Chrome is in excellent shape throughout. Bumpers are mint, rocker trim is a little dull but intact and without oxidation
- Wheels are in great shape, and show only the tiniest bit of oxidation on the outer ring. Tires are in very nice shape as well, and the DOT number indicates they were manufactured in 2007
- Glass is all clear and crack-free
- Weatherstripping is in nice shape
- Ivory Gold Kiwi is a fantastic 60s interior color scheme. It really sets this car apart. Green carpet, two-tone olive seats, a green wheel, and black dash mesh really well
- Driver's door panel is peeling/fading quite a bit. Passenger side is far better
- Seats are fantastic. No damage or real signs of wear in both front and rear
- Green carpeting is okay, a little bit tired-looking but certainly still presentable
- Head unit turns on and the lights come on, but the speakers appear to either not be hooked up or not functional
- Fan, heat, and defrost are functional. This car does not have air conditioning
- Lower dash is excellent, upper middle dash has one pretty significant crack in it
- Gauges are all functional. Odometer reading of 81k is believed accurate, though we cannot verify
Under the Hood / Underbody
- Please take a look through the underbody photos, as it's documented in detail. Underbody is in nice shape, with no areas of concern. We purchased this car out of North Dakota, a no-salt state. There is absolutely no through rust, and barely even any surface rust
- This car retains what is believed to be its original motor, a 302ci 4V V8, date stamped May 1967. As this car was assembled in early 1968, when Ford was transitioning from the 289ci to the 302ci, it actually wears 289 badging, but is really a J-code 302
- The car runs and drives very well. It starts right up, sounds fantastic, tracks straight under both acceleration and braking, winds thorough the gears smoothly and without hesitation, and brakes nicely
- While we don't have much for service history, the car appears to have been well-maintained. It runs well, idles low and steady, stays nice and cool, and doesn't exhibit any tendencies of concern
With any further questions, requests, or to discuss purchasing, please reach out to Jake at 773-267-2684