Stock # EV444
Mileage: 33,680
Manual 3-Speed
Fountain Green Poly

1960 Willys Jeep FC 170
226 (3.7L) Super Hurricane I-6
Borg Warner T-90 3 Speed Manual Transmission
Very Period Correct
Recent Restoration
34” Super Swampers
Wide Track Axles
w/ Warn Lockers
Picture Documentation on Restoration Process
Vin # 61568 19066
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Evolve Motors is proud to offer up a piece of American Jeep History with this gorgeous 1960 FC-170
The year was 1960. The average house price was $2,530. John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson had just won the Presidency with one of the smallest margins in history. You could buy yourself a 23 inch television for $219.95. And the Willys-Overland company were producing the coolest 4x4's the country had yet to see, the 1960 FC (Forward Control) 170. By this time Jeep was a household name, bearing the iconic 7 slot grills, notably represented as being the first vehicle to ever traverse all 7 continents. The idea of a “cab-over” style Jeep however, was still a bit fresh in some people's minds. Willys produced utility vehicles that remained almost unchanged since 1947. As the marketplace grew more competitive in the 1950s, management developed a new range of modern cab and body trucks. Designer Brooks Stevens used styling cues from full-size cab-over-engine trucks. Engineering was based on existing CJ-5. Power came from the “Hurricane” F-head and L-head 4-cylinder engines
The Forward Control models were primarily marketed as work vehicles for corporate, municipal, military, as well as civilian use. Regular pickup box beds were standard, but customers were offered a large number of "Jeep approved" specialized bodies from outside suppliers. These ranged from simple flatbeds to complete tow trucks, fire trucks, and of course, dump trucks. What you see before you is a shining example, and arguably one of the coolest dump trucks on the planet
As we walk around the exterior with our mouths agape at the sheer cool factor, we can't help but notice how well kept this old Jeep is. Undergoing a full resotration between 2004-2005, the exterior shines in the sun. The previous owner that restored it did it much justice by bringing it back to original 1960's Fountain Green Poly on Plantation White two – tone. It's running on the stock drivetrain, and from what we know, this was a factory built dump truck. Looking at the before and after pictures below, you'll see that he did extensive metal work to bring this beatiful machine back to life. Cab corners were patched in, along with full sets of new wheel wells, hand built by Dan himself! He was able to keep the original glass, and it shows just the perfect patina on the driver side vent window, and along the driver side edge of the windshield. The rest of the glass is great, aside from some light scratching on the driver door glass from cranking up and down for 56 years. He was able to use a lacquer paint on the exterior, and it shows so much originality it's hard to believe. Using an older style of paint though does come with it's setbacks from using new technology, so the grill shows a light eggshell “cracking” throughout. Personally, I call that patina, and feel it makes it look just that much more original. He also used the original “Forward-Control” emblems, and they too show some original patina. This is just one of those trucks you can't help but take a second, or even third glance at as it passes by. Part of the restoration included the new wood box for the dump bed, using all new planking and bolts to really make it stand out. He opted against any paint or stain for the box, and we're sure glad he did! The restoraton didn't stop at the box however, as he also stripped down the frame rails and gave them a fresh coat of black paint. All of the dump mechanicals work great, but we do note a bit of rub on the box frame and truck frame upon intial ascent. CALL TODAY FOR FULL INFO