Stock # EV607
Mileage: 60,927

1931 Ford Model A Roadster
Single Family Ownership
Excellent Condition
Original Drivetrain
Evolve Motors & Chicago Car Club are pleased to present this 1931 Ford Model A Roadster
We purchased this '31 Model A out of Michigan, from the granddaughter of the original owner. Her grandfather had passed away a year earlier, and there were no other automotive enthusiasts in the family so we got a call with a sale offer. This car was restored in the late 1980s and has seen periodic use ever since. The restoration was done with originality in mind; all original parts that could be retained were. All the little things like light lenses, bumpers, gauges, and hardware were all kept correct. The original motor is still in place, #A2541733. The date of the engine stamping is October 1929, though the car was sold for the 1931 model year. Between 1929-1931, in the midst of the depression, there was a period of limited demand, so it was common for parts to sit on the shelves for a while before being used up. The car will come with a title issued 1949, with an image of the original 1931 title attached. The engine number noted on the original title, which was actually used as the vehicle's identification number at the time, matches the number on the block in the car
- We put an elcometer (paint gauge) all over the car and were pleased with the findings. There is very, very little bondo (rust repair) on this car. There is a spot on the forward lower corner of the passenger door where the elcometer did not read, which would indicate filler. This is not visible to the naked eye in any way
- There are very few blemishes on the car, even in the corners by the hood latches, where these cars always get chipped up and scratched. There are only a couple very minor chips on the car, no significant scratches or scuffs, no dents or dings, and no spots of bubbling
- Polished pieces (bumpers, handles, trim pieces) are all in excellent shape. Shine bright and with no damage
- Red pinstripes (painted) look great against the black and yellow exterior
- Beige canvas convertible top is in excellent shape. No tears or scuffs. Easy to put up and take down
- Garfield tires are in great shape, with no dry rot
- Chestnut brown leather front and rear seats are in excellent condition. No scuffs, no signs of wear really
- Rear seats easily pull up and go back down
- Rubber floormat over wood floors (both excellent
- Wipers, lights (headlights, taillights, brake lights), handbrake, and choke are all functional
- Odometer reads 60,927. Gauge cluster in great shape
- Glass and lenses all clear and crack-free
Under the Hood / Underbody
- Original 201cid L-head I4 and 3spd manual
- 6V electrical system
- Runs and drives very well. Much easier and more intuitive to drive than one may expect of a car of such vintage. The same 3 pedal layout and floor-mounted shifter that we're all used to
With any questions, requests, or to discuss purchasing, please reach out to Jake at Evolve Motors at 773-267-2684