Stock # EV546
Mileage: 98,925
Automatic 4-Speed
Black Pearl Metallic

1992 Mercedes 600SEL
Pearl Black Metallic / Grey Leather
98,925 Miles
6.0L V12 (402 hp, 428 ft lb
217: Self-Leveling Suspension on Rear Axle
268: Warning Buzzer for Parking Brake
291: Front Passenger Airbag
412: Electric Sliding Sunroof
442: Steering Wheel Airbag
491: US Market Car
551: Anti-Theft Warning System & Anti-Tow
582: Backseat Air Conditioning
757: Becker Grand Prix Radio
810: “Loudspeaker” Sound Package
872: Rear Electric Seat Heaters
873: Front Electric Seat Heaters
880: Door Closing System with Remote Control
Evolve Motors & Chicago Car Club are pleased to present this 1992 Mercedes 600SEL
When Car & Driver road tested the 600SEL in 1993, they titled their review “Mercedes 600SEL: Built like a bank vault and priced like one too.” Well, that vault-like build quality has sure stood the test of time. The same cannot be said for the price tag; originally sold for just over $130,000, the car can now be had for less than $10,000, while maintaining all of its luxurious functionalities that made it so desirable in the early 1990s. The used car world is a strange and wonderful place. This particular '93 600SEL has been owned by a friend of ours at the shop for many years. It has always been dealer maintained, and eats up mileage like a dream
First off, paint. Black Pearl Metallic paint shows very, very well and has a lovely sparkle to it. Gold pinstripes are without cracks or wear, and contrast beautifully against the dark paint. There are some minor rock chips scattered about, as would be consistent with a car with 98k miles, but no significant scratches. The body is in excellent shape, with no damage to note other than a couple very light door dings that you can only see at the right angle, in addition to a small scuff at the lower corner of the front bumper. All glass is clear and crack free. Soft-close doors, double-pane glass, and the sunroof are all nice features as well
Light grey leather looks fantastic, and feels even better. This car is very, very comfortable and would be easy to spend all day in gobbling up highway mileage. There is very little wear in the interior; there are no tears, scuffs, fading, or staining to be found. Wooden dash presents very well, with no cracking or damage. All powered systems are functional; heat, A/C, lights, signals, seats, mirrors, defrosters, seat heaters, locks, and stereo are all in proper working order. With the double-pane glass, this car is extremely quiet on the road. It's refined, sophisticated, and seriously luxurious
Under the Hood / Underbody
The 6.0L V12 under the hood provides massive amounts of power, 402hp and 428 lb ft, and delivers it effortlessly. This car accelerates very quickly, but rapid acceleration isn't much of an event. The car absolutely gets up and goes, but it does so so quietly that the car provides a different sensation of speed. However, it isn't the speed that makes this car so great, it's the comfort. The suspension is just fantastic; this car has no problem hammering through pothole-ridden streets and over speedbumps. The car runs and drives very well. Starts first turn, idles cool and steady, and tracks nice and straight. Brakes feel great, with no hooking in either direction. The car has always been dealer serviced regularly, and will come with a stack of receipts documenting a number of minor maintenance items throughout the 90s and 2000s. Underneath, the car is seriously clean. There is absolutely no damage or rust of any sort
Overall, this '92 600SEL a nicely preserved, sub-100k mile example that has been well-taken-care of. This car, now 25 years old, is at the bottom of its depreciation curve and presents a phenomenally inexpensive way to get into the highest tier of automotive luxury

1992 Mercedes-Benz

600-Class 4dr 600SEL Sedan

Stock # EV546