Stock # EV482
Mileage: 150,378

1975 Mercedes 450SL
Mostly Original
150,378 MILES
Hard Top & Soft Top in
Good Condition
Runs, Drives and Stops Well
Great Color Combination
Factory Undercoating Still Present
Vin # 10704412024546
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Here's your chance to own a piece of Mercedes – Benz history with this 1975 450SL
Evolve Motors is pleased to present this German – American classic, the Mercedes – Benz 450SL
This classic 1975 Mercedes 450SL was born into the eclectic R107 family, with an ever – growing fan base. The timeless lines and sharp angles were a transition from the early SL's, and people loved them. Still offering a hard top / soft top combo, this little roadster came equipped with ample power, thanks to a 4.5L V8, which was almost unheard of from European sports car manufacturers of the time, which mostly focused on high revving 4 & 6 cylinders. As a matter of fact, the later SL's were equipped with larger V8's, mainly for American's seeking that V8 power of the other domestic brands
This particular example has been lovingly driven for just a hair over 150,000 miles, but don't let the odometer fool you, she's still got plenty of life left in her
The Exterior
This car shows extremely well in pictures, being an all white car. The good news is that it also hides a lot of flaws in person as well. From 10 – 12 feet away… Unfortunately the car does show some of it's age throughout. It doesn't take long to see that an OK paint job was done. When I say OK, I mean a 5.65 out of 10. There is a fair amount of respray here and there, as well as some of the common “orange peel” and “fisheyes” throughout. The other good news is that the car, from what we can uncover, is fairly rust free. The sheet metal all appears to be in good shape, and the body mounts are very solid underneath. If someone really wanted it to stand above the rest, I would say you could spend a couple days wet sanding, buffing, and possibly touching up some of the noticeable spots. Don't get me wrong, the car looks great, with the bright white / red combo, she just wasn't sprayed the way we would've sprayed it here at Evolve. The hard top is sitting in it's original “cream white” and is in good condition, both inside and out. The hard top seals appear to be in good shape, and all latches work freely and securely. The black soft top appears to be original as well, and is in great condition, aside from the back window having a crack all the way across. That is very common in older SL's when the soft tops were used very little, and the back window would be forced to fold in half to store properly in the rear cowl. The rockers are nice and solid, and appear to have been recently undercoated to prevent any rusting. Overall the car's exterior looks outstanding… from 10 – 12 feet away, and doesn't show horribly up close either
The Interior
The interior of the car scores much better than the exterior. Aside from a few small flaws, we really can't complain too much about the interior, given it's age and mileage. The reds show some common fading here and there, but overall still have a nice deep red tone to them. All of the gauges appear to be in working order, however the AC does not blow cold air at this time. The climate control knobs show some wear and tear, and the dash cap does have one crack in it in front of the driver's position. The original carpets cleaned up nicely, and are still a nice shade of red as well. The original Becker radio has been replaced with an aftermarket tape deck, along with a set of 6” x 9” speakers, one behind each seat. Both power windows function as they should, and overall the interior is good. Not great, not perfect, but good. We note that the driver's seat does have one small tear in the seat bottom
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1975 Mercedes-Benz

450 SL

Stock # EV482