Stock # EV461
Mileage: 136,189
Automatic 3-Speed

1980 Mercedes-Benz 450 SLC
4.5L V8
222 HP / 278 LB-FT
Leather Seats
Becker Grand Prix Stereo
Vin # WDB10702412030904
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Evolve Motors is pleased to bring the '80's back with this great little 1980 Mercedes Benz 450 SLC
The year was 1980. Pac-Man was hitting arcades all over the world, the U.S was boycotting the Moscow Olympics, and Mercedes-Benz was building a 2 door version of their big-body 450SL, in hopes to compete in the world rally racing circuit. Although much has changed in the world since 1980, one thing surely hasn't; the M-B name tag on the front of podium winning race cars all over the world. Now I know this car listed is no track smashing thoroughbred, but if you know just a little bit about the history of the SLC and the true heritage of racing behind Mercedes and their V8 coupes, this car gets just a little bit cooler
We picked this 450SLC up in fairly good order. It ran well, needed some deep cleaning and a day's worth of TLC, but all in all, a solid driver-quality candidate. The exterior isn't perfect, as it is showing some 36 year old 'patina' where the clear coat has chipped away throughout the hood and roof. The body is solid, and shows no signs of previous repair or replacement body parts. The chrome bumpers appear to be free of any pitting or rust, however just behind the bumpers in the driver side rear wheel well there is some early signs of surface rust, with some bubbling paint. Same goes for the passenger side front wheel well, showing less than the rear, but it is present nonetheless. Overall this Mercedes' exterior is in good condition, and with a little time and effort, could be like-new. The wheels are in great condition with very little curb rash or scarring, and all 4 corners are wrapped in newer BF-Goodrich tires. From the outside, the sunroof seals appear to be in good condition, and did not leak during the wash/detail. We do note that the power antenna seems to stick about 2/3 of the way down, and may just need to be adjusted / lubricated to work 100% again
The interior of this Benz is far from perfect, but it's complete, and it's no basket-case. The driver seat appears to have taken the most wear and tear. The seam must have split at one time along the seat back edge, and an OK repair was done. If a guy (or gal) really wanted to, he could most likely take it to an upholstery specialist and fix it to be like-new, but it's holding together just fine, and the leather seems to be in decent shape. There are a few wear marks on both front seats, but the great thing about Mercedes is that they've never skipped on interior quality. The leather is a nice thick grain, with deep stitching to last. Overall the rest of the interior is just what you'd expect out of a 1980 Mercedes-Benz. It shows some of it's age with plain lettering and bland buttons, but it's all in fairly good condition and wouldn't need much attention at all. The factory Becker Grand Prix stereo system is intact, and all of the speakers sound good. The gauges and buttons seem to work well, leading us to believe the odometer reading of 136,189 is correct. Like the exterior, the interior shows it's age, but it's still got a lot of life left in it
The 4.5L V8 starts right up, with no hesitation, grumbling, or exhaust spew. Upon shifting it into D to head out for our test drive, we noticed a bit of play in the gear shift selector, but there was no worries about finding the correct gear. The transmission shifts into each gear smoothly, with no “jolt” or “clunk”. Mechanically the car seemed to get around town with ease. Only a slight brake “grind” at our first few stop lights, but after the surface rust was worn off of the rotors it stopped with no questionable noises

1980 Mercedes-Benz


Stock # EV461