Stock # 4112
Mileage: 1,416
Manual 4-Speed
Glacier White

1976 MGB
One Owner
Only 1,416 Original Miles
100% Original
Glacier White / Black Leather
Vin # GHN5UG403482G
Body #: GU231-063245P
There's a pretty great story, or I guess you could say lack thereof, behind this car. We were so perplexed by the fact that this car has only been driven 1400 miles since new, so we asked the owner how he could possibly put so few miles on it. He said he purchased the car new from Fohrman Imports on Fullerton Ave in Chicago in 1976, drove the car for a couple of months, decided he didn't like it, and tucked it away in his warehouse. That's it that's all folks. There it has sat, in a dry, climate-controlled warehouse (he runs his business out of this same warehouse) ever since it was essentially a brand new car. When we went to retrieve the car, it was just as he had left it back in the late 1970s, license plates with stickers expiring in 1980 and all. You may have seen the outstanding 9,000 mile Porsche 911 “garage find” we just sold; this car is part of that same collection. Since taking the car out of storage, we have gone through it and gotten it road ready; while there are flat spots on the original Pirellis, we have opted to leave them on for the sake of maintaining complete originality. We do have a full service shop here at our facility, so we can mount new tires if the buyer would like, but we think the car is just awesome exactly as is, in it's time-capsule-like state. Work we have performed in order to get the car back on the road is as follows
- Drain and refill fuel tank, replace multiple fuel and vacuum lines
- Replace fuel filter and fuel supply line
- Clean and rebuild fuel pump
- Change oil and filter
- Replace battery with Interstate MT24
- Re-core original radiator
- Flush and refill coolant
- Replace signal flasher relay
- Clean interior, buff, polish, and wax exterior
Once trailering the car back to our shop, we blasted the dust off with compressed air then washed, buffed, and waxed the car. The car now looks absolutely phenomenal. Glacier white is a really interesting color, it looks white at first glance but once you take a second to really look closely, there's the slightest hint of light blue. There are no spots of touch up on this car; as confirmed with an elcometer, paint is 100% original. There are a few small blemishes on the car, all of which we've provided close-ups of. Blemishes include a chip on the driver's door, a light scratch on the hood, a tiny bit of curb rash on the passenger rear wheel, and some chipping on the very bottom of the passenger rear quarter, just behind the passenger rear wheel. That is absolutely all of the blemishes; other than these very minor items, this car is as-new. There are no dents or dings on the car, the body is perfectly straight. Black convertible top is in great shape, though there is one tiny, tiny tear on a crease on the driver's side. Photo provided. Black leather boot cover is as-new
This car was stored in a climate-controlled warehouse with the top and windows up. The interior is extremely impressive. A true time capsule. This totally mint interior was a real treat to see while the exterior of the car was caked in nearly 40 years of dust. Other than a little wear on the driver's side floormat, this car's interior is every bit as perfect as it was in 1976. Odometer, which is functional and correct, reads an absolutely hilarious 1416 miles from new. All leather is perfect throughout; no scuffs on the outer bolsters or lower door panels. Leather still has a nice bright shine to it. Everything works in the interior, this includes fan/heat/defrost, radio, wipers, all lights inside and out, and all gauges. Windows are roll-ups and track nicely
Under the Hood / Underbody
With the exception of the bumpy ride from the old tires, this car feels fantastic on the road. It starts right up, idles steady and cool, and shifts extremely smooth. The car trac