Stock # EV453
Mileage: 93,344

1965 MG Midget MKII Roadster
Iowa Barnfind
(Pulled from MG Collection
Original Drive-Train
1098CC Inline 4 Cylinder
Producing 59 HP
Full Soft-Top + Frame
Restoration / Driver Quality
1 of only 26,601 MK2's Produced
Vin # GAN3L27481
G = Make (MG
A = BMC A-Series Engine (Midget
N = 2 Seated Roadster
3 = MKII (1964-1966
L = Left Hand Drive
27481 = Sequential Serial Number
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We discovered this Midget in a barn in eastern Iowa
Evolve Motors is pleased to present this piece of British racing history, the 1965 MG Midget MK2 Roadster
The first version of the MG Midget was not much more than a slightly more expensive, re-badged version of the MKII Austin-Healey Sprite. The original “Frogeye” Sprite had been introduced specifically to fill the gap in the market left by the end of the production MG T-type Midget as it's replacement, the MGA had been a significantly larger and more expensive car with better performance. Many existing MG enthusiasts and buyers turned to the Sprite to provide a modern, low-cost sports car and so a badge-engineered MG version reusing the Midget name only made sense. The new Midget differed from the Sprite only in it's grille design, badging, color options, and having both leather seats and more standard external chrome trim to justify it's higher purchase price. The main changes between the original MK1 and the MK2 were to the doors, which gained wind-up windows, swiveling quarter lights, external handles and separate locks. The windshield also gained a slight curvature and was held in a more substantial frame. The top, though modified, continued to have a removable frame that had to be erected before the cover was put on. The rear springs were replaced by more conventional, semi-elliptical types, which gave a much better ride. The engine block was strengthened and larger main bearings were fitted, increasing the output to 59 horsepower at 5,750 and torque to 65 lb-ft at 3500 RPM. Our survivor example is still running on the original platform, but will need some TLC to bring it back to 1965. It did sit with a number of other MG's, both older and newer, as it was part of a collection for quite some time
Lets start with the exterior of this little roadster. We can definitely note that a low quality respray was done at some point. From what we can tell the metal appears to be in good health, showing very little rust. The floor boards and trunk floor are solid and free from rot. The metal is, for the most part, damage free. It does show a few small dings and knicks throughout, as any car stored in an Iowa barn for years on end will most likely encounter some unfavorable conditions. Exactly why we call it a survivor. It looks as though when the car was rattle-canned red, the wire wheels were also draped in a gray spray-paint. The chrome throughout the car is surprisingly clean and shiny, showing no pitting or peeling. Glass is all intact and unbroken, with the side vent windows showing some original patina around the edges. The good news is the soft-top and frame came will come with the car, and fits quite nicely on it's original mounting positions. The top appears to be a newer re-creation, or just an original in fantastic condition, with the frame remaining original. The tires are all holding air, and all spin freely. Overall this little car would make a great restoration candidate, or just for someone who likes to tinker on their driver on the weekends. It won't need much to be a fun little weekend cruiser
What can we say about the interior? What you see is what you get. It's really pretty basic. The original red paint on the dash is showing nicely. The gauges are all there, however it's difficult to say which ones are functioning and which ones aren't. There has been a new AMP gauge and FUEL gauge added below the dash at some point