Stock # EV467
Mileage: 27,749
Manual 3-Speed
Green / Black
Gray Mohair

1927 Nash 240
Recent Restoration
Odometer Shows 27,749 Miles
Chicago Garage Find
Fantastic Condition / Showroom Quality
Documented Ownership
Dating Back to 1966
Boxes of Original Parts
Body No: 9307-13
Model No: 240
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We purchased this from what is believed to be only the third owner
Own a piece of American automotive history with this gorgeous 1927 Nash
It happens innocently enough. You park your old car in the garage for just a short while, and before you know it, several decades pass and it still hasn't moved. Not an inch. Not a single twist of the key. Not even a quick sit inside. But it has not been forgotten
At least that was the story of this beautiful little 1927 Nash that we discovered in a garage just a few short blocks from our shop here in Chicago. Nash Motors Company was an American automobile manufacturer based in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in the United States from 1916 to 1937. From '37 to '54, Nash Motors was the automotive division of the Nash-Kelvinator Corporation. Nash production continued from 1954 to 1957, after the creation of American Motors Corporation. This particular sedan has been very well kept through most of it's life, and somewhat recently underwent a complete restoration. The car was brought back to life by the previous owners, and remains in it's original form. The original drivetrain operates exquisitely, and the overall condition is stunning
As we walk around the exterior of this old Nash, we quickly realize that this car was restored correctly, and will not need anything to be an enjoyable automobile from day 1 of ownership. Great news for us, as we tend to avoid the “basket-case” cars, that need more help than we can give. This car shines well under it's new black-on-green two tone paint scheme, which appears to be an original color combination from back in the 20's. We do note that a quality job was done on the paint work. All of the original emblems, door handles, and other hardware are in great condition, and show perfect patina. The original wheels have been re-painted to match the rest of the car, and are wrapped in new rubber. The lights all work and shine brightly, and it even has the signature “STOP” rear tail light. The top on the car looks to be in outstanding condition, and we note zero leaks during the first initial wash. The running boards transition into the fenders flawlessly, with good tread, and show no signs of damage. We even have the original suitcase in it's proper position in front of the passenger door. This car scores a solid 8 out of 10 for exterior presence
Open the door and have a glance at vintage 1927. Just a grip of the wood wheel will send you back 90 years, to a time when cars were meant to be driven. The wood dash shows amazing patina, as does the entire overview of the generous greenhouse. Inside the door jambs, you'll find original wood that is still in new condition. It's amazing to see a car that was pretty much built from wood, still surviving almost a century later. What a testament to American auto-makers, especially Nash! The “new” Mohair interior is soft and plush, and welcomes all passengers with a soft plush bottom. I would tend to believe that the seat frames and padding were rebuilt during the restoration, as they are firm and look like new. The interior handles all appear to be original, and show great patina. All of the windows crank up and down smoothly, and the glass is clean and scratch free. The original gauge bezel is intact, only showing a few cracks from age. The tilt out windshield is in fantastic condition, and offers you the added benefit of “35 mph air conditioning”. All in all I would score the interior of this car a 7 out of 10. It's certainly not perfect, but the age that it shows just adds to the character that much more. Call today to find out more