Stock # EV568
Mileage: 26,807

1967 Oldsmobile Toronado Deluxe
455cid 7.5L “Rocket” V8 (#396021F
Sauteme Exterior / Black Cloth and Vinyl Interior
VIN: 396877H618566
3: Oldsmobile
96: Toronado Deluxe V8
87: 2dr Holiday Coupe
7: 1967
H: Flint, Michigan
618566: Serial Number
Trim Tag
Build Date (04A): April 1967
Model Code (EUC): Toronado
67-39687: Model Year '67, Series Number 39687
Body Number: 17080
Trim (080-D): Black Cloth & Vinyl Combo
Paint (W2): Sauteme
Engine Block #: 396021F ('68-'72 455cid
Transmission #: 67-0J-19667 (TH425 3spd Auto
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Evolve Motors & Chicago Car Club are pleased to present this 1967 Oldsmobile Toronado Deluxe
Toros are some of our favorite American cars here at Evolve Motors. There's something about the proportions and dramatic, swooping lines of the front end that just look so right. We purchased this particular '67 Deluxe from a gentleman in Massachusetts, who had owned the car for just shy of twenty years. The car served as a summer driver throughout that time, and was always garaged kept. When we purchased the car the CA blue plates were on it; we figure this was likely a California car before being relocated to Massachusetts in the 1990s. As it sits, this car is in very, very nice condition. With some minor signs of age (primarily interior) attended to, this could easily be a show-level example. **Please note, in the photos the Toronado badge on the rear is missing; we have since put a new one on
Sauteme, or “Champagne” as it's sometimes referred to as, is a fantastic color on these cars. This car was repainted the original color in the mid 2000s and shows phenomenally well. Paint has a metallic finish to it, and is nothing short of stunning in direct sunlight. There is no paint run or visible clear coat aging; paint was clearly done to a high standard. There are no scratches or chips, this car has been babied. The only “imperfections” to really knock on the exterior are the fact that the front grille shows its age slightly, and the chrome panels above the taillights are technically supposed to be body colored in order to be factory-correct. Black vinyl top is in excellent shape, with no blemishes or damage of any sort. Wheels are in great shape, and tires are close to new
The interior presents well, but just not quite as well as the exterior. As you'll note from the photos, the black dash face surrounding the gauge cluster is fading, and there are a couple cracks in the leatherette wrapping around the cluster. The dash itself, as in the more forward portion, is free of any cracks or blemishes. Black cloth/vinyl seats are in good shape, though the forward corner of the passenger seat shows some light fraying, and the driver's side backseat shows a bit more. Headliner is nice and tight. Black carpet is in very nice shape throughout, with the exception of at the bottom of the passenger's door panel, where it's torn. Wipers, gauges, pop-up headlamps, blower/heat/defrost, all interior lights, and all signals are functional. Power antennae, radio, analog clock, and A/C are not functional. We really like the rolling speedometer in these cars. Five-digit odometer reads 26,807, true mileage is unknown, as the engine is not original to the car
Under the Hood / Underbody
While this Toronado was originally equipped with a 425cid 7.0L V8, it has since been swapped out for an Olds 455cid 7.5L “Rocket” V8, which was the higher-spec of the Toro's two available engine options at the time. Mileage on 455cid is unknown. Both the 425cid-equipped cars and 455cid-equipped cars used the same gearbox, a 3-speed TH-425 automatic. The car runs and drives very well. It starts right up, idles low and steady, stays cool, and tracks nice and straight down the road. Brakes feel good, with no hooking in either direction. Suspension is nice

1967 Oldsmobile


Stock # EV568