Stock # EV470
Mileage: 63,173
White / Gold
Camel Tan Lochland Velour

1979 Hurst/Olds Cutlass Calais W-30
All Original – ONLY 63,173 MILES
L34 350 “Rocket” V8
Hurst-Campbell Dual/Gate Shifter
M-38 TH350 Transmission
3 Speed Automatic
1 of only 2,499 H/O's Produced
(1,100 In the White / Gold Color Combo
Vin # 3K47R9M565875
3 = Oldsmobile
K = Cutlass Calais
47 = 2 – Door Calais
R = W-30 / L-34 350 c.i.d Engine
9 = 1979
M = Lansing, Michigan Assembly Plant
565875 = Sequential Serial Number
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Own a piece of Hurst/Olds history with this well preserved W-30 Cutlass
Evolve Motors is pleased to present this rare 1979 H/O Cutlass
The year was 1979. The Walk-Man was being released for the first time, you could buy gasoline for just 86 cents, and the Hurst / Olds was back. Unlike the last one, a 1975 Cutlass Supreme with Hurst-built T-tops, the 1979 H/O was more than an appearance package, but it wasn't put together by Hurst. This was an Oldsmobile-built car with a real Hurst Dual/Gate shifter, and the only A-body General Motors car to come with Oldsmobile's L34 V-8. To get one, all you had to do was check option W-30 when ordering your Cutlass Calais coupe. For about $2,000 (retail) over the $5,800 for a base Cutlass Calais, the 350, Dual/Gate, graphics, power brakes, TH-350 automatic and a few other bits would become part of your car. Color choices were limited to two-tone black and gold, or gold and white, and body options were T-tops, or not. We'd say that makes it a "real" Hurst/Olds -- with the added benefit that you could delve into Oldsmobile's endless other options on top of the H/O goodies
Buying one today, the news is either all good or all bad, and there's no middle ground. If there was ever a car where you wanted someone else to have had the fun of doing a restoration, this is it. Stumble into a good one, and you've got what was the epitome of high performance in '79, with credible Hurst/Olds heritage. Luckily for you, we have an extremely clean and dry example offered to the highest bidder
Let's start with an exterior walk around. We will start by noting that this car did undergo a re-spray some time ago, and shows just a few blemishes (stone chips, scratches, etc.), and we recommend scrolling through all of the pictures as we try to note the most prevalent ones. The good news about the respray is that a quality job was done. The factory paint job on these gold hoods was notoriously horrendous, and ours shows beautifully on a bright sunny day. The chrome is all shiny, free from pitting or rust. We do note some patina on the accent trim piece that runs down the center of the hood. The car is 99% rust free, especially in the common problem areas (fenders, wheel wells and rockers, as well as under the moldings along the rockers, doors, fenders, and quarters panels). We do note, however, some very light bubbling of the paint on the brow of the hood, as well as a small spot behind the driver door under the rear window, and along the top of the passenger side door. Again, all bubbling, no paint flaking or rust showing at the present time, but could be addressed in the future to make this a show winner. Scroll through the pics, and give us a call with any further questions
Crack open the door, and let the 1979 vintage come pouring out. The first thing your eyes are drawn to are the immaculate Camel Tan Lochland Velour seats. Mind you, this is a material that hasn't been available (even in reproduction) for over 25 years! To find these seats in such incredible condition is a breath of fresh air for us. Much like the exterior of the car, the interior has been very well kept, however, there are some blemishes that should be addressed. The driver side door panel has some light scuffing under the handle, probably from a possible shoe pushing the door open time after time
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1979 Oldsmobile

Cutlass Calais

Stock # EV470