Stock # EV497
Mileage: 37,012

This car is a true time capsule back to 1980, when gold velour seats and gold shag carpeting were a high-point of American automotive interior styling. This car has spent the large majority of its life hibernating in an Indiana garage, being driven only on occasion. It now sits in fantastic unrestored condition. While the gold/gold/gold colorway may not be for everyone, to those of whom it strikes a chord, this car is the ultimate in vintage land-yacht motoring
We like this car for a number of reasons. It's impossible to dismiss; it has presence unlike anything else we own and it has a massive amount of character. It's a two door, but the doors are five feet long (windows are HUGE). It's a perfect example of a luxury coupe from an interesting era of automotive design
Everything works, and I mean everything. Air conditioning, defrosters, radio, alarm system, power locks, power trunk, ect. Even the bolts under the hood still have the green paint from the factory. This car is truly a survivor; it still wears the original dealer sticker from Potter's Motors in Auburn, Indiana. Take a look at the rocker panels, trunk, and door jambs in the photos; this car is absolutely as dry as can be
Car starts right up first turn of the key, idles cool, and drives, shifts, and stops just as well as it did in 1980. If you're in the market for a retro land-yacht, or are feeling some 80s nostalgia, this is your car! Give Mike or Jake at Evolve Motors a call today at 773-267-2684