Stock # EV539
Mileage: 67,000
Manual 5-Speed
Z2 Silbermetallic

50 Miles Since Engine Rebuild
Vin # 9288101003
It's not very often you come across a first-year 928. With the bulbous, spoiler-free rear end, dogleg five speed manual transmission, sunroof-delete, and excellent silver over pinstripe color combo, this is certainly a special car. But what makes it even more special is the fact that it is fitted with the drivetrain of an '83 928S, which provides a significant bump in performance. This car has just undergone a tremendous amount of mechanical work; the car will come with receipts for just shy of $10k worth of engine work over the course of the last five months. We bought the car after it had sat in a local garage for about ten years, and opted to do a thorough servicing upon taking it out of storage. While there are some minor cosmetic things that would need to be ironed out in order to make this a real stunner (replace window trim, stitch up a couple small interior tears, etc), the heavy lifting is done and this car is ready to be driven and enjoyed while slowly polished cosmetically
Services performed since mid-2017 are as follows (receipts for all
Resurface cylinder head, replace head gasket, valve job, replace oil pan gasket, replace timing belt and tensioner roller, replace water pump, replace thermostat, replace fuel pump and valve cap, replace circuit board, clean throttle body, replace air intake boots, clean all fuel rails, replace clutch (bearing, disc, ball cup bushing), replace all four rotors, replace all brake pads, rebuild rear calipers, replace crank breather hoses, replace crankshaft seal, replace ignition wiring, replace drive belts, replace spark plugs, replace distributor cap and rotor, replace oil pressure sender, replace sensor plate housing mount, flush fluids, replace filters, clean and lube chassis
The car wears a respray of it's original Z2 Silber Metallic. The finish is nice, but isn't without a few imperfections. Blemishes include a light scuff on the front lower driver door crease, a couple touched-up small scratches on the driver door, a mark on the rear bumper from where the previous owner had stuck a Porsche crest sticker, and a bit of a rash around the key holes on the doors and at the top corner of the passenger side tail light. Rubber window trim isn't in great shape, and the rear quarter window trim shows some fading. Of course, as you can see in the photos, there are plenty of good things going for the car as well. It's a non-sunroof car, which we really like. It adds to the clean, uninterrupted lines of the car. Aside from the aforementioned blemishes, the silver paint shows very, very well. Rock chipping is really only present on the black trim around the windshield. Original Phone Dial wheels are in decent shape, with no curb rash, though the rears do show some weathering. This car retains its original singular side mirror, which only adds to the bullet-like shape of the car. Black front spoiler is in excellent shape, with no cracks or damage. Glass is all crack-free; in the in-car video you may note some cloudiness of the windshield. That is not permanent, it just took a good inside windexing to wipe away. There is however a slight wiper-streak mark
Pinstripe interior is a beautiful thing, and looks great against the silver exterior. Seats are in very nice condition, with just a couple small, fixable tears on the upper outside bolster of the driver's seat, as seen in the photos. Pinstripe centers on the front seats are in great shape, but do show a bit of age by way of a very slight green hue in direct sunlight. Rear seats and door panels are excellent. Rear seats fold down in these early cars, opening up space for a massive cargo carrying capacity. Original Blaupunkt stereo is in place, though not currently functional. Heat and front and rear defrost are functional, air conditioning blows but is not cold. Front