Stock # EV505
Mileage: 60,711

1981 Porsche 928S
Euro-Market Early S
Zinnmetallic / Black
60, 711 Miles
Vin # WP0ZZZ92ZBS84114
Evolve Motors and Chicago Car Club are pleased to present this 1981 Porsche 928S
This is a car we're very excited about. There are a number of cars that we're constantly on the hunt for, and the 928 is right up near the top of that list. A couple months ago we were tipped off about an early 928S sitting on blocks in a Chicago garage; we got in touch with the owner and were surprised to hear that the car was actually a Euro-market car, and had “ran when parked” 24 years ago. The owner had no plans for the car, so we offered to buy it. He agreed, so we got our flatbed ready to go. We've spent the last couple months getting the car back into shape and we're now offering it for sale
When we got the car, the exterior was in need of some attention. There were two dents (lower driver door, passenger rear quarter) that we had repaired with paintless dent removal. There were also a couple spots where the paint was peeling – the side trim and rear bumper. We removed the trim and resprayed it, as well as the rear bumper. The rest of the car wears an older respray of the correct Zinnmetallic. We initially had thought the paint was original, but then we hit every body panel with an elcometer and saw readings of 9.0-12.0 all around, which would indicate a respray. The paint does show well, though it is showing its age a bit. There's some light cracking on the nose, as well as a small blister on the passenger door (see photo). The glue behind the trim has eaten away slightly at the paint just above rear-most driver's side trim (see photo). While there are a few signs of age, the car presents very well overall. No dents or dings. This car certainly has presence; everyone that sees the car agrees, 928s are aging beautifully
Powered driver's seat works, as does the Blaupunkt sound system, heat, and defrosters. The dash is in good shape as well, with no cracks. Leather seats are extremely comfortable and are tear-free, though they are showing their age by way of loose leather and some discoloring. All dash text is in German, which just adds to the car's character. Odometer reading of 60,711 miles is accurate; the odometer was converted from kilometers to miles on 12/16/1985, when it read 34,958km (21,848 miles). When we got the car, the interior needed a thorough cleaning. We had the carpets shampooed, leather and dash scrubbed, and the vents/lines cleared of all evidence of critters. It now looks and smells as it should, not like a car that's been sitting. All glass is clear and free of cracks or chips. Front and rear hatch struts were just replaced and hold up well
Under the Car/Hood
The underbody is in good shape, with no through rot of any sort. Rust is limited to light surface rust on a few components, nothing of concern. We do see evidence of a leak around the differential; albeit a slow one, as the car has been sitting in our showroom for weeks and hasn't been dripping. We did not do a belt service after taking the car out of long-term storage, that will be on the next owner to decide if/when to do so. We flushed the car's fluids, put in a battery and fuel pump relay, and the car runs /drives well. It always starts first turn, and idles low and quiet. We've only driven the car about 20 miles since taking possession a couple months ago, but during those drives the car has felt very solid and confidence-inspiring. It pulls hard, automatic transmission shifts smoothly and on-time, and brakes straight and consistently. No noises or tendencies of concern. While in long-term storage the car was stored on blocks, so there are no flat spots on the tires but they are a bit dry
For additional info, please feel free to reach out to Jake at 773-267-2684