Stock # EV361
Mileage: 84,878
Manual 5-Speed

Don't worry it's not a real one....but you might fool someone into thinking it is. This 1982 Porsche 911 was fitted with a 959 body kit sometime in the 90's down in florida. What started as a red 911 became a white wide body replica car over a 930 Turbo red leather interior. The factory correct 3.0L was traded out for a newer and better performing 3.2L (with full electronics). What they ended with was a car that Helmuth Bott would be proud of.....from across the street
This car is a looker and what better color to compliment the unmistakeable stance and lines of the 959 than to cover it in bright white paint and give it a deep red interior. Overall the body work is actually pretty nice. The kit itself was well blended to the original panels and the body gaps are surprisingly good. As with all fiberglass parts of this size, there are some imperfections. The bumpers them selves have delicate vent pieces and some show some stress cracking, nothing that could not be easily fixed. Overall the parts and fit is nicer than any of the other 959 replicas I have seen. The wheels looks great and the spacing is correct. The custom rear exhaust exits the rear bumper holes in the correct location and looks great. The glass is good and all trim is present. The body is rust free as it has been garage kept
Inward the retrofitted 930 Turbo red leather interior looks surprisingly good and is certainly fitting. Power seats are present. The dash houses the stylish white faced gauges which add to the overall look of the car. The leather itself shows nice and clean with minimal wearing. The carpets are in good shape and the interior smells good, free of smoke
The 3.2L fires right up and comes to a nice smooth idle. The exhaust is throaty and sounds great. The 915 transmission is in condition and it shifts well. The clutch pedal feels good and shows no signs of slippage. The car drives surprisingly straight and smooth. We put new tires on the front end and it tracks nice and straight. The brakes are in good shape and the car stops straight as well. The engine doesn't plume smoke or chatter and only shows minimal leaking underneath. We noticed one of the rubber shaft boots is missing on the underside. We have not completed any service work on the car as we figured that the buyer would like to do that on their own
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