Stock # EV450
Mileage: 7,308
Manual 5-Speed

Slide yourself into the cockpit of this 944, and you'll see the interior of this Porsche is as clean as it was in 1983. It's clear the car has been parked inside it's entire life. The leather seats show no signs of age or cracking, as does the dash. Typically we try to give you a good portion of the good with a dash of the bad. This one's all good. I've just examined the car for the past 2 hours trying to find one flaw that I would note on the interior, and came up with only the driver side visor “holder” is missing. Even the dealer installed 4 spoke leather steering wheel shows no signs of wear marks or “bald spots” from common hand placement. The all black on yellow gauges are in great condition and the bezel is like new as well. I really don't think there's ever been anyone in the back seat of the car, although the back seats don't look terribly uncomfortable (aside from a slight lack of leg room). As you can see from the pictures, even the door seals and weather stripping are as good as new, with no tears, fades, cracks, or weathering. This car was very much loved, and it shows from the second you take hold of the steering wheel
The exterior of this car speaks for itself. Take a walk around to be sure. Heck, take two laps for good measure! This car is truly a 2+ in terms of condition. The original Kopenhagenblau (deep blue in German) even has some of the factory “orange peel” left on it, meaning this car hasn't even been buffed but a handful of times. We took a paint gauge all the way around this vehicle, and I've never seen one read as true as this one. 4.3 – 4.5 paint depth on every corner, hood, and roof. The only note we could make regarding the exterior of this 944 was a small ding in the hood where the previous owner had dropped something on it. We were able to get it smoothed out with our paintless dent removal specialist, and applied a small spot of touch up paint to it, as there was some paint missing in the center of the ding. The car still has it's original GoodYear rubber, on dealer installed, three piece forged aluminum wheels! This Porsche is guaranteed to score high at any local show or event
Let's climb underneath this car for a second. Have you ever seen a car that's been driven, that literally doesn't even have dirt showing underneath it? Neither have we… All of the nuts, bolts, brackets, and boots are clean of debris, fresh as can be, and need to be seen. Take a look at the pictures one more time, I'll wait. I challenge anyone to find a flaw on the bottom side of this car. Not only does everything LOOK good, it also FUNCTIONS well. Upon test drive we were happy to find that the car was mechanically as sound as the rest of it. These cars were notorious for rusting out along the rocker panels and suspension components, especially any Midwest examples out there. This car doesn't know what rust is, and we sure hope it never does
Mechanically this car is everything a 7,000 mile Porsche should be. Fun to drive, easy to handle, and ready to burn down some two lane roads. The 2.5L inline four produces a stunning 143 HP, and can tap 60 on the speedo faster than you can say “well, it's not the fastest Porsche ever built, but it's still fun to drive!” (roughly 8.3 seconds). We went through this fun loving little sports car with our senior mechanic. It took him roughly 15 minutes to come back and tell us there's nothing he can do to it! The car has hardly seen it's second oil change in it's life! Turn the key, and this car will speak for itself. The 5 speed manual transmission is nice and smooth. The clutch is nice and tight, and still has a lot of life left in it. This car is an absolute blast to drive, and left us with a long lasting grin as we walked away from it
Overall this car really truly speaks for itself. If the pictures and documentation don't do it for you, the test drive sure will. Schedule yours today, she'll be gone before you can say “I'll take it

1983 Porsche

944 2dr Hatchback

Stock # EV450