Stock # EV610
Mileage: 72,756
Manual 4-Speed

1965 Triumph Herald Convertible

Fully Restored

High Compression 1147cc Inline-4

New Interior & Convertible Top


Car Number: GB287193CV

Engine Number: GD49266HE

Chicago Car Club is pleased to present this 1965 Triumph Herald Convertible!

We purchased this '65 Herald from a local gentleman here in Chicago. He owned the car for about five years, having gotten the Herald and one other car in a dealership trade for his Dodge Charger. While he wasn't really one for Triumphs, the Herald was fresh off of a full restoration and in excellent running and driving order, which would make for a nice change from his Charger. After taking delivery of the car, he only drove it a handful of times before deciding it wasn't for him; he then retired the car to a storage garage with the remainder of his cars. There it sat for a few years before we purchased it and brought it back into the limelight. The car really hasn't needed much of anything in order to get back to tip-top running and driving shape. We've changed the oil and begun to add mileage. This car is an absolute blast to drive. As it sits, this car is in need of nothing other than an owner that will drive and enjoy it.


- White paint shows very, very well. Little to no chipping. There is one very light scratch behind the filler cap that has been touched up and is only noticeable upon close inspection. Other exterior flaws include a small paint crack in the inside corner of the front grille on the driver's side, a ding in the driver's front chrome bumper guard, and an extremely light ding on the lower driver fender, just above and forward of the hood latch.

- Paint was done well. No dust under the paint, no bubbling. No evidence of previous colors in the door jambs or trunk.

- Hood hinge arms are slightly misaligned, creating a bit of a panel gap on the driver's side of the hood. This is because of the hinge, not accident damage. We have run an elcometer all over the hood and fenders, with no bondo to be found. Elcometer reads between 5.5-11.0 all around.

- Black steel wheels with polished centers look excellent against the white exterior. There is a small ding in the chrome on the passenger rear wheel, and a chip in the chrome on the passenger front. Driver's side chrome hubs are in great shape. Black wheels do not show any chipping or scuffs.

- Chrome is in nice shape throughout. Minimal oxidation, only very minor signs of age.

- Weatherstripping is excellent

- Convertible top is new

- Wipers are new

The Interior:

- The large majority of the interior shows as-new. Front and rear black vinyl seats, front and rear panels, carpeting, sunvisors, seatbelts, handbrake boot, and gear lever boot are all new.

- Wooden dash face shows a small crack to the left of the steering wheel

- Gauges are all functional. Odometer reads 72,756 miles on the chassis.

- Smaller, wooden steering wheel currently fitted. We do also have the original steering wheel.

Under the Hood / Under the Car:

- Engine number GD49266HE denotes a high-compression 1147cc inline-4, the correct engine for a 12/50 Herald. While era and model correct, we cannot be sure it is original to the car. Car runs very, very well. Starts right up without fault, idles steady and cool, accelerates smoothly without hesitation, shifts nicely, brakes straight and effectively. This is a well-sorted car, with no on-road tendencies of any concern.

- Underbody is in phenomenal shape, as to be expected from a restored car. No rust or damage whatsoever. This car has been garage kept since being restored.

- Uniroyal Tigerpaw tires are in extremely close to new condition. No tread wear, no damage, no drying.

The Final Assessment:

Buy with confidence, this car is ready to be driven and enjoyed. It looks, drives, sounds, and feels great in every regard. We're very fond of this little car. For additional information or to discuss purchasing, please reach out to Jake at 773-267-2684.

1965 Triumph

Herald Convertible

Stock # EV610