Stock # 4115
Mileage: 5,794

This is a 1998 Porsche Boxster 5 spd roadster. It is dark red over a black leather interior. It has only 5,794 Miles on it and is in very nice condition
We completed a full interior and extail detail on this Boxster and is has a fresh coat of wax on it
This Porsche appears straight and has a clean 1 owner carfax report. The interior is clean and free of any odors or stains. It appears to have been owned by a NON-SMOKER. All interior features and options work properly and show minimal wear and tear. We recently repaired broken hinge on the convertible top. It is in proper working order now. The exterior is very clean and does not appear to have been involved in any accidents. The wheels are in excellent condition. As you will see in the pictures it does have some light blemishes that can be repaired. The Front Bumper cover has some small scratches on it as well as a couple hairline paint cracks and rock chips. There is a long scratch along the passenger door where it meets the fender. The Rear Bumper cover shows some small scratches on the left side. The Hood shows rock chips. The vehicle appears to have been driven mainly on the highway or down a rural road with light street debris. Overall the car shows very well and looks gorgeous. This is one of the lowest mileage 1998 Porsches on the market and it shows
Mechanically this Porsche appears to be in excellent working order. It starts right up and idles nicely. The gearbox is smooth and the clutch engages properly. It idles nicely and comes up to RPM quickly and smoothly. The tires are consistent with the mileage and show plenty of life
The tires reflect the mileage and are in excellent condition with plenty of life left on them. The car does not appear to have been raced or abused. The suspension is tight and free of any noises or rattles