Stock # EV590
Mileage: 100
Beige And Brown

1917 REO “The Fifth” Touring Sedan
We purchased this 1917 REO from a gentleman in North Dakota who had owned it for many, many years. The car was always garaged, and occasionally driven around town. The previous owner rebuilt the motor about ten years ago, and the car runs and drives very well. This car is surprisingly easy to operate considering its age; while it's of the same vintage, it feels quite a bit more sophisticated than the Model T we recently owned. This REO is intuitive to drive for someone used to a more modern manual transmission; the REO has a clutch on the left, brake in the middle, throttle on the right, with a floor-mounted gearshift to the driver's right with low, intermediate, high, and reverse gears. The car has an electric starter, as well as the original crank start. This car was displayed in many shows over the years
Background on REO
Ransom E. Olds was a wildly successful entrepreneur in the early automobile industry, with roots in Lansing, Michigan. In 1897 he started the Olds Motor Vehicle Company, which would later go on to become Oldsmobile, one of the founding divisions of General Motors. In 1905, while still retaining over 50% ownership of the Olds Motor Vehicle Company, Mr. Olds left to form another automobile company, which would come to be known as REO. Right away, REO had tremendous success. After just two years in business, REO was one of the wealthiest automobile manufacturers in the United States. In the early 1910s, Mr. Olds claimed he had built the best car he possibly could, the “The Fifth” touring sedan. This car, for sale here in 1917 trim, was relatively expensive. The REO Tourer cost $1,155 at the time, while Oldsmobile's top-seller, the Runabout, cost only $650
Vehicle Condition Related Points
- Some small scratches and chips around the hood crease from it making contact when being opened or closed
- Stained wood front floor and running boards are in excellent shape
- Convertible top is in nice shape and is very easy to put up and down
- Black leather front and rear seats are in excellent shape, with no scuffs, tears, or visible wear
- Car is nice and dry underneath. Minor surface rust, nothing through. This car has been kept in dry storage and it shows
- Taillights are functional, headlights are not- Incorrect Bulbs
- Runs great and has good compression on each cylinder
- Clean/ Rust Free fuel tank delivers clean gas
- Generator is in good working order
- Radiator keeps engine cool and water pump works properly
- Steering wheel controls (Timing advance and Idle control) function properly
- 3.7L Straight-4 producing about 30hp. #86524
Please watch the video of the car that we've provided, as it gives a much clearer presentation of the vehicle. Feel free to reach out to Jake at 773-267-2684 with any additional questions, requests, or to discuss purchasing

1917 REO

The Fifth Touring Sedan

Stock # EV590