Stock # EV383
Mileage: 31,498
Colonial Red

Founded in 1852 and incorporated in 1868, under the name of the Studebaker Brothers Manufacturing Company, the company was originally a producer of farm wagons, also producing for the military, and for miners
Fast forward to 1926, Studebaker was the first automobile manufacturer in the United States to open a controlled outdoor proving ground on which, in 1937, 5,000 pine trees were planted that spelled "STUDEBAKER" when viewed from the air
In the 1960s, Studebaker began to diversify away from automobiles. Many companies were purchased, bringing Studebaker into different fields like the manufacture of tire studs and missile components
55 years later this one still stands tall, although some damage has been noted on the bottom of the right quarter panel. With almost all of the original trim still intact, and present with the car. The grill and two chrome bumpers are straight, and show almost no pitting at all, and still shine as brilliant as ever. The headlights are in fine working condition, and as transparent as ever. The windshield has minimal rock chips if any at all, but the windshield wipers aren't operational at the moment. and the passenger sliding windows still swing right open. While the paint is worn, and around the chrome roof trim it does show some surface rust, we believe it to be an all original finish inside and out. All emblems are present
The leather interior and headliner, are in near perfect condition, a vibrant crimson color, the stitching on the black leather dashboard is still in wonderful condition. The carpet will most likely have to be replaced at one point. The stereo is an aftermarket cassette player, with speakers mounted in the cab's trim panels. The A/C unit is an external Mark IIII unit, which should be operational, but disconnected at the moment
Sporting a 259 cu in (4.2 L) V8, It starts right up, and drives like a beauty. The frame is solid, showing only minor surface rust. It has some usual leakage as well
The two-door Studebaker Lark VIII's were only manufactured for two years, 1959 and 1960. Already making them a rarity, In 1959, 26,709 units were manufactured, With this being a 1960 Lark VIII, only 5,231 units were manufactured