Stock # EV348
Mileage: 59,539
Red / Black Two Tone

1960 Triumph TR-3A
Mostly Original – ONLY 59,543 MILES
Original Wire Wheels
Racing-Style Windscreens
Wood Steering Wheel
Excellent Condition
Driver Quality Roadster
1st British Production Car to Offer Front Disc Brakes
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This gorgeous roadster has been a part of the Evolve family collection for the last 20+ years
Evolve Motors is pleased to present this fun-loving 1960 Triumph TR-3A
The year was 1960. “The Flinstones” hit the TV screen for the first time, Cassius Clay was exploding onto the boxing scene, and the British automaker, Triumph, was building one of the sportiest and fun-to-drive autos ever, the TR-3A. While much has changed in the world over the past 56 years, one thing certainly hasn't; the feeling you get when you're hitting the open highway in your 2 seated roadster, sitting deep in the bucket seats with nothing but a windscreen between the open air and you. Driving this car invokes emotion, so simple yet so pure. The wood-wrapped steering wheel seems larger than life, to make up for the lack of power steering. The manual gear box was built without synchros between the gears, so you literally feel every gear as you're accelerating. The roof is apparently absent, with the scent of exhaust and the summer harvest invading your sense of smell. In fact, a spirited session in this wonderfully appointed TR3 will awaken all of your senses, making you feel more alive than you have in years. Before we hit the road though, let's give it a thorough once-over
As we take a walk around the exterior of this little roadster, we quickly realize how incredibly solid all of the sheet metal is. With no signs of rust or corrosion over the years, the only thing that is apparent about this Triumph is how well it was cared for. Let me be the first to tell you, this car is by no means in “perfect” “showroom” condition. It's not a number 1 car, and you probably won't be invited to pull it onto the lawn at Pebble Beach for the next Concourse. What it is, though, is a super-solid, driver-quality car that really needs nothing to be enjoyed right away. We were told that it did undergo a light restoration a couple of decades ago, sometime in the mid-90's, including a full re-paint. The quality of the paint is still good, but does show some paint chips along the hood and fenders on either side. The chrome is all in great shape, aside from one of the rear “bumpers” on the driver side, where the plating must have flaked away over the years. The front bumpers show a few dings, again, as the car was, and is, driven regularly. The orignal body panels are all nice and straight, and line up as they should. We do note one small crease in the trunk lid, measuring about the length of my hand. The only other noticeable blemish comes at the top of the grill opening, where it looks as if some of the paint had been touched up or repaired after flaking. The original wire wheels were a rare option, and have weathered perfectly with the rest of the car. Take a scroll through all of the pictures, as we make no attempts to misrepresent this 56 year old survivor
The interior is really very basic, and really very clean. Red on black two-tone sets this car off from the rest of the pack. The leather / suede seats are in excellent condition, showing no signs of wear and tear. The carpet is clean and stain / fade free. The view from the driver's seat is nice and tidy, with no age marks, cracks, or sun fade in the leather clad dash. Let's not forget those vintage Aero Screen windshields that give it that British racing demeanor. The gauges all appear to be in good working order, including the odometer, which reads 59,543 miles. Turn the key, pull the choke, hit the start button, and try not to crack a smile as the 1991cc inline 4 cylinder
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