Stock # EV496
Mileage: 67,225
Manual 4-Speed

Vin # KC51917
This GT6+ underwent a thorough restoration in North Carolina in the early 1990s at the hands of a previous owner. The restoration was a body-off job, with a photo-log containing roughly 100 photos of the project. The car has since changed hands a couple of times, residing in a Connecticut collection before we brought it to Chicago
We have receipts in-hand for the following items
December 1984 – Cylinder head gasket, brake master cylinder, water pump, carb kit, oil filter, taillight lenses, air filter, brake light switch, spark plugs, new battery
September 1990 – water pump
October 1990 – Transmission gaskets, push rod slave cylinder, sway bar bushings, trunk lock mechanism
November 1990 – New valve cover and exhaust manifold gaskets. Front engine mount, new hoses. Timing chain kit and head gasket. Also new window frames
December 1990 – Carb adjustment
March 1991 – Seats refinished, dash pad and new headliner installed
April 1991 – Trunnion kit, brake pads
June 1991 – Monza exhaust, upper front differential mount, black carpet kit, black door panel kit, floor mat set, trunk matting, front and rear wheel bearing kits, caliper axle repair kit, brake shoe hold down kit. Valve job, resurfaced and pressure tested head, new bushings, pressed fit pistons wrist pins, welded part of drive axle. New front shocks, pedals, and chrome headlight rims/bulbs/rubber
July 1991 – Thermostat, fan belt, temperature sending unit, door hinge assembly, new door mirror, lower wishbone and radius arm bushings, new door waist seals, replace inside weatherstripping, choke cable
September 1994 – Replace needles and seats in both carbs, replaced spark plugs and points, fuel filter
January 1995 – Replace front hubs
March 1995 – Clutch master cylinder
June 2015 – Shift boot, wire harness, rubber grommets
July 2015 – Valve springs, AL298x alternator, tach cable, fuel sender, Pertronix ignition kit, Pertronix coil, black rubber door seals, K&N Zenith air filter
January 2016 – Wizard Cooling aluminum radiator
June 2016 – accelerator shaft bushings, ignition wires
July 2016 – Rebuilt Delco distributor
Best known for his work with Ferrari, Maserati, BMW, and Lancia in the early 1960s, Giovanni Michelotti's eye for beauty really shines with this car, it's just gorgeous. The paint and chrome on this particular example shows very well with minimal signs of aging. Bright yellow does well to emphasize the very 1960s Italian-exotic-esque shape of the car, much more-so than the “pure white” (code: 19) that the car originally wore. Please look through the photos, every inch of the car is documented in detail
As stamped on the VIN tag, the car was originally fitted with black vinyl interior (code: 11). Black vinyl has since been swapped out for black leather. Seats are in great shape, with the exception of a scrape on the side of the driver's seat, which looks to be likely due to someone's belt catching the seat while sliding down into the car. Dash is in great shape as well, with no cracks or wrinkles
This car has seen a good bit of mechanical work over the years and it shows. Odometer reads 67,725 miles, though we cannot be positive that is accurate due to the fact that this car once underwent a restoration. Underbody is free of corrosion, with no cracks and very limited surface rust. Car starts right up, idles cool, shifts well, and brakes straight and effectively. Exhaust note is fantastic thanks to the Monza exhaust. This car does not have overdrive, though originally an overdrive-equipped car. Engine number reads KD57024 and trans number reads 306468, both swapped from a non-overdrive 1970 GT6. Differential is a correct non-overdrive 3.27. The original overdrive 3.89 differential is available as well, if the buyer should want it for whatever reason