Stock # EV588
Mileage: 9,889
Manual 4-Speed
British Racing Green

Please either inquire or see listing on Hemmings or eBay for full description. Description far exceeds word limit
VIN: 3701TM
Build Date: August 1976
Original Engine #: CF47540UE
New Engine #: CF42669UE
Trans #: V2947 88506912-8 SM
Diff #: P18896
Original Paint Code: TGR32260
We purchased this fantastic 2500M from a gentleman in Michigan who was selling the car on behalf of the family of a dear friend of his who had recently passed away. The owner, who had owned the car since the early 1990s, was a real enthusiast and a serious collector; we're told that at the time of his passing he had in the neighborhood of 50 cars, the overwhelming majority of which were British sports cars. He was a TVR club member, and actually drove the car from Michigan to New Jersey a couple of times for the annual Woodwork British & European Car Show; if you Google Image 1977 TVR 2500M, photos of this car at that show will come up
Since purchasing the car in the summer of 2017, we have performed quite a bit of maintenance, including the rebuilding and installation of an entirely new motor. Receipts of all services will be provided. Please see the “Under the Hood / Underbody” portion of this listing for full detail. The reason for the motor replacement is as follows: When driving the car home from a show in the Chicago area last summer, the throttle stuck open in 2nd. I immediately went to clutch in and shut the car off, but when I turned the key to off, the key just spun in place. I lost a couple seconds in reaching behind the dash to fix the key in place and turn it off, and in those few seconds of being held at redline, the car spun a bearing. Once back at our shop and tending to the spun bearing, we found that the crankshaft was pretty well worn. At this point, we figured the most logical route to take was to start fresh. We found a specialist in California who sourced us a new block, then we began piecing it all together and swapping over the good, “keeper” parts to the new block. The 2.5L six has been fitted with two new Weber 45 MCHH carbs, and breathes through a quad-center-exit ANSA Marmitte exhaust. This car truly needs to be seen, heard, and experienced to be fully appreciated. This car has tremendous presence in person; the aggressive-looking front end, slick Falken tires, as-new engine bay, and above all the exhaust note, come together to make this a seriously appealing package
- British racing green is a respray, and the yellow stripes are decals rather than paint. The original color appears to have been light red, as there is a faint bit of red visible along the crease where the passenger door handle meets the door. See close-up photo in the listing. Original paint code is TGR32260. Paint presents nicely, but isn't without fault. There are a couple spots where the paint has hairline cracks - on the ducktail, as well as a spot on the driver quarter. The respray wasn't quite perfect, as there is a little bit of dust under the paint. It's not glaring, but worth noting for show-goers or perfectionists
- Body is excellent. No dings or damage whatsoever
- Glass is all clear and crack-free. Light lenses are all in nice shape, with the exception of a small crack in the passenger taillight
- Weatherstripping is excellent
- Falken Azenis tires are in excellent shape. DOT number indicates they were manufactured in 2011. Wheels are in great shape as well, with only very minor chipping. No scuffs or damage
- Panel fitment is excellent. Doors open and close without any fuss
- Black leather seats with green piping are in great shape. Seats show no scuffs, tears, or burst seams and are quite comfortable
- Door panels are in great shape, with no kicked-open markings. There is a tiny puncture at the bottom of the passenger door panel
- Roll up windows track nicely
- Green carpeting is in excellent shape throughout
- Dash is as-new. No cracks or damage whatsoever
- No radio, and it's not