Stock # EV545
Mileage: 3,577
Manual 4-Speed
Dark Green

1968 Volvo 1800S
Excellent Driver
Dark Green / Tan Leather
B20 and 4-Speed
Type: 183451P
No: 25647
Original Color: 94 (Dark Green
Upholstery: 310-557 (Brown with Headrests
Looking at the color codes on the VIN tag under the hood, the car was originally Dark Green. The car was repainted in the same Dark Green just about a year ago, and presents nicely. While it does show quite well, as a fresh paint job should, there are some signs that the paint job was not done to a very high standard. While there isn't any overspray or tape lines, there are some specs that look as though some dust found its way under the paint. This is most evident on the trunk lid and roof. Paint is nice and shiny, and isn't bubbled anywhere, but just isn't show-quality. With that said, we think the dark green over tan suits the 1800S very well. Chrome trim looks great throughout, it has a bright, mirror-like finish and is free of any dings, though there is a crack in the front “mouth” chrome. There is some light oxidation on the rear bumper, but none the front. Rubber seals around the glass are in nice shape throughout, with no cracks or glaring signs of age. There's a crack on the lower passenger side of the windshield – we can replace the windshield if desired. Wheels were recently refinished and painted dark silver, which we think looks excellent. The car is absolutely a head-turner, and gets thumbs-ups everywhere it goes
We really like the interior of these cars, they're very unique and ergonomic. The aluminum dash panel contrasts well with the bright and colorful gauges. The driving position provides good visibility, and the placement of the gear lever feels just right. Tan leather seats are comfortable and are in nice shape, with no tears or scuffs. Black carpeting is in great shape throughout, and contrasts well with the tan leather. Leather does show its age in a couple places (door panels, rear panels) by way of some slight discoloring, likely from exposure to the sun. The car retains its original steering wheel. Windows are roll-ups and track nicely. Wipers, lights, and fan are all functional. No air conditioning. There are a couple cracks on the lower dash, which are currently taped over, but overall the interior presents nicely. Doors open and close without any fuss
Under the Hood / Underbody
Please take a good look through the underbody photos, as the underbody is documented in detail. The car looks quite good underneath; all structural components are nice and solid. While this car was originally equipped with a B18 motor, the car now runs a slightly more powerful twin-carb B20, which we believe is out of a 1969 1800S. Five-digit odometer reads 03577 miles, true mileage is unknown. The car has a push-button start mounted under the dash. The car runs and drives very nicely. It starts without hesitation, shifts smooth, doesn't stutter at all under hard acceleration, tracks straight down the road, and the brakes reel it in nicely. P1800s have a longstanding reputation of reliability and longevity and this car is no different, it has a long life ahead of it. Tires are new
Overall, this is an interesting car with serious charm. For more information or to discuss purchasing, please reach out to Jake at Evolve Motors / Chicago Car Club at 773-267-2684