Stock # EV475
Mileage: 68,235
Manual 4-Speed

1967 Volvo Laplander
L3314 HT
Includes Custom Built Matching Trailer
& Plow
Dual Shaft PTO with
Monstrous Winch / Pulley System
Original Owners Manual
All Original B-18A Drive-Line
(42,399 Miles
$3,000 In Recent Upgrades / Repairs & Maintenance
Previous Owner Drove Daily
Vin # 002505
Type: L 3314 HT
Chassis # 2542
Built In: Goteborg, Sweden
Evolve Motors is pleased to present this '67 Volvo Laplander
In the early 1950's, Volvo received an order to develop and build a new utility vehicle for the Swedish Army. A pre-run series of 90 vehicles, named the L2304, were delivered between 1959 – 1961. The original version was powered by a Volvo B-16 engine. Full scale deliveries of the improved L3314 began in 1963. The L3314 was powered by the 1.8L B-18 engine. An engine famous for being a Guinness World Record holder for mileage, with a B-18 powered P1800 having over 2.5 million miles on it! So the motor's great, but what the heck is this thing
The Volvo L3314 is a four-wheel drive, forward control cross-country truck, specially built for service under arduous conditions. The L33 – series was offered with different body-variants such as hard-top, half-cab, soft-top, or special versions mounting anti-tank weapons. Our version here is the L3314HT, hard-top with mechanical winch, in fantastic mechanical and cosmetic condition. Aside from an off-colored paint job that's starting to show it's age, and some other very minor blemishes, this truck is in very clean, dry, and original condition
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