Stock # EV446
Mileage: 0
Manual 3-Speed

1954 Willys-Overland Jeep CJ-3B CUSTOM
224 V6 ('74 Jeepster
3 Speed Manual (Matching
Wide Track Axles (79 CJ-7
Warn Lockout Hubs
3” Lift/ 33” Mud King XT's
Awesome Jeep Project
95% Complete
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We purchased this from one of the most avid Jeep collectors in the Midwest
Evolve Motors is pleased to present this fun-loving CJ-3B
The 1954 Willys-Overland Jeep CJ-3B is one of the most iconic Jeeps in American history. Coming out of the 2nd World War, the Jeep had solidified itself as an all purpose vehicle that could withstand not just war, but the everyday abuse that the average American could subject it to. By now the Civilian Jeep (CJ) series had been available for a few years. Bearing the iconic 7 slot grill, as Jeep was known for being the first and only (at the time) to traverse all seven continents, the CJ-3B replaced the CJ-3A in 1953, the same year that Willys was sold to Kaiser. This turn key example is a bastard-child of different Jeep era's, but it's loud, it's cool, and it demands attention
Let's start with an exterior walk around. With this old Jeep, what you see is what you get. It leaves nothing to the imagination as it's stripped down, raw demeanor tends to give it even more character. Now, lets be clear, we are making no claims that this truck is a show stopper. If you want a raw, useable, fun truck that you can run down dirt roads, drive through a few creeks, and still take it to the movies on a warm summer night, this is the one. It would make an absolute perfect candidate for an off-road build. The hood has some ripples and waves in it, and is missing the 2 hood latches. As we walk around you'll see similar waves in the side panels, as well as few imperfections in the front fenders. The windshield frame is in good condition, as is the glass. The good news is that this truck is 100% rust free, aside from the chrome rings around the headlights. Any rust that was present was cut out and patched in with new sheet metal, as noticed in the rear cargo area (see pics below). What you've got here is an original steel body CJ with some newer driveline components that make this thing the perfect blend of old and new. One word, patina
Hop on into the driver seat, and take in the scenery, as there are no bad views in an old topless Jeep (much better than your old topless neighbor lady!). Again, leaving little to the imagination, the interior of these old Jeeps was never known for its accoutrements. Basic, raw, useable steel mixed with black leather seats and a dash of gauges, shifters, and knobs. The previous owner added a bit of style to the interior of this old girl though, including a custom steering wheel and a new set of Smittybilt black leather seats. He added a set of SunPro gauges, including a temp gauge and oil psi. We do note that it is missing the speedomoter, volt meter, and tachometer, but does have the wiring there to install them fairly quickly and easily. Besides those minor details, this old CJ's interior is complete
We opened the hood to take a peak at the old “Hurricane” 4 cylinder motor, and were quite surprised to find a 224 “Nailhead” V6 sitting in it's place. The previous owner swapped out the old with the new to make more power for some more fun. He went all the way to add the 3 speed manual transmission that came with the motor, modifying motor and transmission mounts along the way. The motor and transmission came out of a 74 Jeepster, and it runs and shifts phenomenally. To complete the new drivetrain, he went ahead and added wider track axles off of a 1979 CJ-7, complete with Warn locking hubs up front. The final look was completed by adding a mild lift and 33” Mud King XT's. This Jeep is ready to get you home in any terrain. The question is, are you ready to let her take you ther