Stock # EV628
Mileage: 17,340
VIN: 117284074
1500 CC L
4 Speed Manual

1967 Volkswagen Beetle


17,340 Mile SURVIVOR
100% Original – Motor, Paint, Tires, Battery, etc.
Rust Free & Excellent Throughout
First Year 12 Volt

VIN: 117284074
Engine #: H0455680

Chicago Car Club is pleased to present this 1967 VW Beetle!

Please see the video accompanying the listing. It provides a thorough look at the car outside, in, and on the road.

Sold new in Chicago at Lee Alan, this beetle covered 17k miles before being put into a storage unit in the mid 1980s. The most recent Chicago city sticker is actually still on the windshield, having expired in 1977. We got a call a few months ago from a local gentleman, the owner of a storage facility. He said he was selling the property and in the process of clearing out units stumbled across this beetle. We purchased the car and pulled it out of the storage unit; the outstanding originality and overall condition was apparent immediately upon seeing the car. The car still wears its original paint, original tires, and even still had the original battery in it. The motor still shows all of its factory stickers, even the little yellow dabs of paint are still clearly on there. The little piece of paper with color info stuck in the spare well is still intact, as is the original rubber band holding the factory jack in place. Just wild!

Since purchasing the car, we've done a thorough inspection and servicing. Fluids and belts were changed, as were plugs and wires. All 4 wheel cylinders were replaced, brake drums were cleaned up, and all brake hardware was cleaned and lubricated. A new battery was also installed, as of course the original one will not take a charge. We have kept the original tires on there for the sake of keeping it a time-capsule, but they do clunk a bit going down the road. If the buyer would like us to source and mount a new set of tires before delivering the car, we can certainly do so. With the exception of tire noise, this car truly drives like a new one. It's extremely impressive in every regard. The car does retain its original drivetrain, an H0-code 1500cc 53hp H4 and 4spd manual transaxle.

The underbody is equally as impressive as the rest of the car. When we got the car we put it up on a lift and took a wire brush to it; the surface rust that was on there wipes right off and reveals clean black metal underneath. While the underbody looks very good now, it could easily be taken to the next level and made to look close-to-new. I just got tired of scrubbing away rust dust, as it isn't the most pleasant job. This car has been in dry storage for the overwhelming majority of its life and it shows.

The video will provide the best look at the car. Paint is original throughout, as confirmed with an elcometer. In person, it's easy to see that it's all original. Only a few minor blemishes, including a light scratch on the driver's quarter and some more light scratches on the passenger rear wheel flare. Glass is all clear and crack free, light lenses inside and out are all still the original Hellas. No signs of clear coat aging, finish is excellent throughout. Chrome shows as close-to-new, weatherstripping is all excellent. Interior is pretty unbelievable. Gauges are all functional, as is the radio and interior lights. Front and rear seats present as-new. Dash shows no chipping or scratches. Original rubber floormats will come with the car, and the grey carpeting is excellent.

If you're in the market for a truly impressive survivor Beetle, this is surely a good one. For additional information or to discuss purchasing, please reach out to Jake at 773-267-2684 or