Stock # 4118
Mileage: 83,200

1964 Dodge Polara 500 Convertible

VIN: 6442222060

Trim Tag Decoded:
Shipping Order: May 8th Planned Delivery Date (0508)
Production Sequence Number: 0115
Body Style: 2dr Polara Convertible (645)
Trim: Black (P4X)
Paint: Medium Red (TT)

- Please see the video with the listing, as every blemish on the car is shown close-up and in direct sunlight.
- We were very impressed by the paint gauge readings. The elcometer reads between 1.9-3.3 on every panel with the exception of a couple areas on the rear quarters below the mid-line trim, which we figure would likely be due to some sort of previous bubble correction. There is no visible evidence of tape lines or overspray. This car appears to retain quite a bit of it's original paint.
- Body is nice and straight. There are a couple very very light dings (again, please defer to the video), but no actual body damage.
- Chrome is extremely nice throughout. Mirror-like with no oxidation.
- Weatherstripping is in nice shape throughout.
- Glass is clear and crack-free. One reverse light lens is broken.
- White powered convertible top is in nice shape. No fading or discoloring, but there is a small tear where the passenger rear corner meets the body.

- Black vinyl seats are both in nice shape, with no damage other than a burst seam at the back of the driver's seat bottom.
- Dash top is very nice, dash face shows some signs of age by way of a chipped finish.
- Gauges are all functional, including the odometer. Odometer reads about 83,200. We do not know for certain if this odometer reading is accurate chassis mileage, and the car now runs a non-original motor.
- Powered top is functional, as are lights and signals. Radio is not.

Under the Hood / Underbody:
- While the car was originally equipped with a 383ci V8, it was swapped out at some point in favor of a later 400ci V8, engine number 3698630-400J, which decodes as a B-family 400ci from between 1973-1978. Mileage on swapped motor is unknown, and chassis mileage appears to be just over 83k miles.
- Car runs and drives nicely. It idles cool and steady, pulls through the gears smoothly and without stuttering or hesitation, shifts well, and brakes straight and effectively. The car tracks straight down the road, and the power steering is featherweight.

Services performed in the last couple of months include the following:
- New fuel tank, sending unit, fuel filter.
- Rebuild and tune carburetor, replace carb gasket.
- Change oil and filter
- Replace throttle cable
- Replace brake lines
- Replace spark plugs, check wires, test compression (140-150 PSI all cylinders)
- Replace ignition switch and ignition lock cylinder
- New tires (215/75R14 Hankooks)

With any further questions, requests, or to discuss purchasing, please reach out to Jake at 773-267-2684 or