Stock # EV639
Mileage: N/A
VIN: 45680L146199
396 V8 L
4 Speed Manual

1964 Chevrolet El Camino 396 4spd

VIN: 45680L146199
4: 1964
56: 8 Cylinder
80: 2dr Sedan Pickup
L: Los Angeles, CA
146199: Production Number

Trim Tag Decoded:
Paint: Lagoon Aqua (919)
Trim: Aqua, Vinyl Bucket Seats (724-B)
Style: El Camino, 2dr Custom (64-5680)
Body Date: First week of May (5A)
Body Number: Fisher unit 10096
Assembly Plant: Van Nuys, California (VN)
Accessories: Tinted glass (E), 4spd manual transmission (2L), padded dash (3C), seatbelts with retractors (5W)

- Please see the video with the listing, as every blemish on the car is shown close-up and in direct sunlight.
- The car wears an older respray of its original Aqua, though clearly done to a high standard at the time. Paint presents very well but does have a few minor signs of age.
- Body is nice and straight. There are a couple light dings (again, please defer to the video), but no actual body damage.
- Chrome is extremely nice throughout, with no oxidation.
- Weatherstripping is in nice shape throughout.
- Glass and light lenses are all clear and crack-free.
- 15in Jegs wheels are excellent. Tires are in great shape as well and the DOT number indicates they're from 2014.

- Original, unrestored interior presents nicely. Carpet is pretty faded, but aside from that, the level of preservation is very impressive. Aqua vinyl bucket seats show no tears, bursts, or scuffs, the only real signs of age is some cracking on the top corner of the driver's seat.
- Door panels and sills are nice and clean. No significant scuffs or kicked-open markings.
- Dash is in nice shape. Top is free of any cracks or damage. Lower dash shows some chipping, particularly around the ignition where a key chain would rub.
- Gauges are all functional, and the 5 digit odometer reads 22,285 miles. Assumed to have rolled over once, and the car has a non-numbers-matching motor, so chassis mileage will differ from engine mileage.
- The radio is functional, as is the fan/heat. No air conditioning.

Under the Hood / Underbody:
- Engine is a 396 crate motor bought and installed two years ago. The car has an Edelbrock 1406 carb, Edelbrock intake, Hooker competition headers, and a Proform alternator.
- Car runs and drives extremely well. Absolutely no tendencies of any concern. Wouldn't hesitate to drive it anywhere. The car fires right up first turn, idles cool, low, and steady, pulls hard through the gears without any stuttering or hesitation, shifts very well, and brakes straight and effectively. Exhaust note is fantastic and the 4spd lets you really hear it. Truly an exceptional driver.
- Please take a look through the underbody photos/video, as the car is documented in detail. This car is bone-dry. The car spent it's early life in California before moving to Arizona for much of its life, then Iowa for the last few years. There is no body rust/bubbles on the car, and the underbody is extremely clean.

With any further questions, requests, or to discuss purchasing, please reach out to Jake at 773-267-2684 or

1964 Chevrolet

El Camino

Stock # EV639