Stock # 4120
Mileage: 31,235

1964 Austin Mini Cooper S 1275

One Owner From New
31,235 Actual Miles From New
Unrestored & Climate-Controlled Storage
2018 Mechanical Refresh
Hugely Impressive Early, Pre-Hydrolastic MK1 1275S Survivor


We purchased this incredible MK1 Cooper S in late 2017 from a gentleman in our North Chicago neighborhood who had owned the car since new. He had ordered the car through Walker Imports on Cicero Avenue, replacing the 1071S that he had rolled (6 times!) while chasing a friend in another Mini. In late 1964, about three months after he ordered it, the car arrived in Chicago. Originally delivered with a single fuel tank, the original owner actually had the dealer install the fuel tank of his wrecked 1071S so to make his 1275S a dual. The gentleman at Walker Imports reportedly informed the owner that this car was one of three included in the very first shipment of 1275Ss to North America; he said that while this car went to the Midwest, the other two found homes on the East coast. A very early production 1275S, this car was built on August 28th, 1964. It was the 680th unit built, which actually means that it predated the 1275S's signature Hydrolastic suspension. So not only does this car have the largest available engine, it has the simpler, more desirable “dry” original suspension as well.

The original owner enjoyed the car for a number of years, last parking it in his climate-controlled facility for extended storage in 1991. Over his 50+ years of ownership he racked up 31k miles and made a lot of memories in the process. Not long after purchasing the car, the owner and his girlfriend at the time road-tripped the Mini from Chicago to Los Angeles, then all the way down through Baja California and back. The next year, back home in Chicago, the blizzard of 1967 rolled through, dumping two feet of snow overnight. The owner wasn't fazed; he put a set of snows on the front wheels and had at it. He recalls being impressed with how the little Mini pulled itself through the deep stuff. A small-time car collector, he purchased a number of other toys through the years, and while he has owned some seriously special cars and motorcycles (we bought his 911, 928, 500E, Moke, and more), the 1275S was always his #1 favorite. From 1991-2017, the Mini sat collecting dust in his storage facility. Upon purchasing the car we had it thoroughly gone-through by an independent mechanic who has been both working on and racing these cars since they were new. Only correct OEM parts were used, and were sourced through Jet Motors of Happy Valley, Oregon. Services since January of 2018 include the following:

- Drain and clean fuel tanks. Replace fuel tank crossover and tank neck grommets. Replace fuel pump.
- Replace clutch slave cylinder, clevis pins, release arm, pushrod, return spring tab, and anchor tab.
- Replace brake proportioning valve. Replace rear wheel cylinders. Service/bleed brakes.
- Replace valve cover gasket and grommets. Adjust valves (.012 cold).
- Replace distributor cap, rotor, points, condenser.
- Replace tires with Falken 165/70R10s.
- Change oil/filter.
- Replace battery.

Please defer to the video for a good look at exterior condition. Not quite Pebble Beach Concours-ready as it sits, but massively cool and original, and very much a car to be proud of. This car has seen one respray in its life, a bare-metal, glass-out respray in 1980 at European Auto of Chicago (still in business today). Paint was done to a high standard for the 80s and has survived phenomenally well, but there are a couple spots of visible paint run to be aware of. Luckily rust repair was not needed at the time of paint – this is a super dry car that has been responsibly owned and has not seen any metal work. An elcometer indicates that while paint may be a bit thick in areas, there are no areas of bondo/filler. The gold trim was replaced at this time as well; the exact original trim was NLA, so a close-but-not exact match was used. The original has a small ridge in the trim, the replacement does not. However, much of the original trim that came off the car will come in a box along with it. Glass is all clear, crack-free, and appears to be original (Triplex all around, PPG Duplate windshield). Chrome is excellent – amazing lack of oxidation or damage, especially considering both front and rear bumpers have not been refinished. There's the slightest little bit of pitting on the exterior door handle bases...super impressive preservation throughout. The car wears a period-correct AMCO front bumper guard, dealer installed shortly after the original owner bought the car. Lights and signals are all functional, and the original magnifying-center headlight lenses have been replaced. Wheels and tires are excellent...Falken tires were new in 2018 and have not seen too much for mileage since then. This car was ordered with the optional wider wheels, 4.5” wide vs 3.5”, and with the meaty Falken tires, the car has a proper bulldog-like stance. A second set of wheels, 3.5s on old Dunlops, will also come with the car but could use refinishing.

Again, hugely original with tremendous charm and the perfect classic car smell. Beautiful gold crinkle pattern headliner is original and has never been redone. Seats are in impressive shape and have never been refinished. See the video for a really good look. Red carpeting was replaced years ago and is in great shape, and the complete original carpeting will come in a box with the car (in pretty nice shape too). Radio is a Smiths Radiomobile, installed locally back in the mid-60s. Reportedly intended for a Rolls Royce, the radio is functional and sounds great. An interior heater was dealer-installed and is functional. Blower/fan is functional. Sun visors hold their position. Gauges are functional and the odometer reading of 31,235 is accurate.

Please take a look through the underbody photos, as the car is shown in detail. Very, very nice. If a detailer wanted to spend an hour or two scrubbing away, the underbody could be tidied up to be phenomenally clean. Original metal throughout, amazingly enough. Front floors are a bit dented, presumably a result of the car being improperly jacked, but remain totally solid. Please see the photos of the floors from both the top (under carpet) and bottom. Rockers are excellent. You will not find any bubbling on this car. Truly a very special, absolute freak example.

1964 Austin

Mini Cooper S 1275

Stock # 4120