Stock # EV693
Mileage: 40,757
VIN: XL2S1N230651A

1975 Austin Mini 1000

2 Owners, Same Owner Since 1980
Canadian Market Car
Only 40,750 Miles From New!
Very, Very Original Survivor

VIN: XL2S1N230651A

We purchased this low-mile, extremely original Mini 1000 from a friend of ours who has owned the car since 1980. The car was a Canadian market example, brought down to Chicago by its original owner. Our friend lived in the neighborhood of the original owner and used to see it constantly, and one day he walked over and asked if he could buy the car. The owner obliged, and the car traded hands and stayed local. Our friend enjoyed the car throughout the 80s, then parked it for good in 1991 in a climate-controlled warehouse with the rest of his collection, which included a number of British cars of similar vintage. There the car sat, never seeing daylight, until early 2018 when we rolled it out of its storage spot. We have spent the last six months or so addressing the car's mechanical needs and beginning to add mileage. Since its release from long-term storage, this Mini has seen the following services: Remove fuel tank and have it refurbished, free up clutch and check operation, replace brake master cylinder, replace brake hoses with stainless braided hoses, replace front wheel cylinders, rebuild carburetor and replace needle/seat and gaskets, adjust valves, replace valve cover gaskets, replace distributor cap and rotor, condenser, points, ignition switch, radiator cap, starter, fuel filter, trans seal, and do an oil change. As it sits, this is a nicely-sorted, extremely original, low-mile Mini that is sure to be enjoyed by its next owner.

- Please see the video along with the listing, as the car is shown in detail. Every blemish on the car is shown close-up and in direct sunlight.
- Glacier White is a great color; it looks like plain white in bright light, but under lower light it has a bit of a blue hue to it. Paint is mostly original. The previous owner had the lower half of the car resprayed in the mid-80s to correct some minor chips and scratches, but the paint was done to a high standard and appears as-factory. The original paint portions of the car, like the hood and top of the fenders present nicely but do show a little bit of age by way of some light checking.
- Glass and light lenses are all clear and crack-free.
- 3.5” x 10” wheels are in excellent shape, with no damage or oxidation. In the photos you will note that the car has just the basic steel wheel look; in the video you will see what the car looks like with hubcaps and polished rings. Very cool. Pirelli Cinturatos are from the 80s and should be replaced straightaway. We do have a local shop that can source the correct tires and mount them, so just let us know if you would like that done prior to shipping out.

- Interior is totally original. Carpet has never been changed, seats have never been recovered. Interior is in outstanding condition. Seats are free of any scuffs, burst seams, or visible signs of wear. No fading on the outer bolster or anything like that. Dash shows minimal wear as well. Headliner is clean and tight.
- Gauges are all functional, including the odometer, which reads just 40,757 miles. This is actual, accurate mileage. This car's history is known from new.
- Heater is functional, as are all interior and gauge cluster lights.
- For those that are in-the-know with Minis, all of the hard-to-find bits are original and in great shape. The turn signal stalk works as it should (clicks and returns), the plastic around the steering column is crack-free, the shifter boot isn't torn, and the steering wheel is in excellent condition. This car was stored in a climate-controlled setting and, as a result, has been extraordinarily well-preserved.

Under the Hood / Underbody:
- Please take a look through the underbody photos, as it's documented in detail. These were obviously extremely rust-prone cars, and this one has never had any metal repair. Untouched underbody is pretty impressive. Rust is limited to minor surface rust around the drain holes towards the forwardmost point of the rockers. Very much superficial; no through rust or anything close to it.
- Original drivetrain. 998cc I4. Engine number 99H834V-H594.
- With a fresh set of tires this will truly be an excellent driver. It runs great, shifts smoothly, brakes straight and effectively, and steering is extremely direct. These cars handle unbelievably well thanks to their tremendously short wheelbase. This car truly feels like a 40k-mile car; everything feels tight and responsive.
- The car will come with its original owners manual, handbook supplement, insurance cards, tool kit, full size spare, and receipts for all the service items outlined earlier in this listing.

With any further questions, requests, or to discuss purchasing, please reach out to Jake at 773-267-2684.