Stock # 4388C
Mileage: 322
VIN: 3VWBB61C2WM004388
2.0 Liter L
5 Speed Manual

BEST OFFER SALE. The $16,680 ask is a play on the original window sticker, which will come with the car.

1998 VW New Beetle

Only 322 Miles From New!
Climate-Controlled Storage From New
First Year “New Beetle” (Built Jan. '98)
Black / Beige Cloth
5spd Manual Transmission

VIN: 3VWBB61C2WM004388

We're selling this car on behalf of a local gentleman, the original owner. The story of how this car has remained in such as-new condition is short and sweet. The owner bought the car new when his daughter was about to leave for her first year of college. The car was delivered, and he had her drive it for a day to see how she liked it. She drove the car for the day, and when she came home she asked if she could take his Audi to school instead, as having an all-wheel-drive car in the Northeast made more sense. He obliged, and put the Beetle into the same climate-controlled storage garage where he housed the rest of his car collection. There it sat, since day one. The car hadn't even been moved until we got there last month; the protective plastic in the door sills hadn't even been removed, and all four tires were still holding air. Since taking the car out of storage we have flushed fuel, changed the oil, replaced the battery, buffed and waxed the exterior, and driven the car ten miles. As it sits, this car is really as-close-to-new as a 20 year old car can get. All the rubber and plastic bits present as-new, the underbody looks amazing with all the factory stickers and paint dabs still in place, and the car will come with all the original manuals and booklets, including the 1998 window sticker for $16,680.

- Please see the video with the listing, as that provides the most thorough look at the car. There are a couple tiny chips from storage that have been touched up, which are shown close-up in the video. With the exception of those very, very minor blemishes, this car is truly A+, #1 condition inside, out, and underneath.
- This car had the optional sport package, so it has alloy wheels and fog lights.
- All glass and light lenses are clear and crack-free.

- This car has the optional convenience package, so it has power windows and cruise control.
- Air conditioning is fully functional.
- Beige cloth interior presents extremely well throughout. Front seats show no tears, scuffs, or wear whatsoever. Rears don't appear to have ever been sat in.
- Dash is perfect and all buttons and powered systems are functional.

Underbody / Underhood:
- Please take a look through the photos and video, as the underbody is shown in detail. Extremely clean. Like new.
- 2.0L I4 runs great. Dead silent, idles low and steady, stays cool. Car shifts smoothly. Condition and quality of drive is consistent with the 322 original miles on the car. No noises or tendencies of any concern whatsoever. Original tires are still on the car, as they have no dry rot or flat spots whatsoever.

With any further questions, requests, or to discuss purchasing, please reach out to Jake at 773-267-2684.