Stock # 4395
Mileage: 86,060
VIN: GAN4L 54569

1967 MG Midget MKIII
Dark Green Metallic / Black
1275cc Inline-4, 4spd Manual

VIN: GAN4L 54569
Engine: 12CC-DA-H 5342 (1275cc I4, 65hp, correct for '67 MKIII), Weber Carb

- Please see the video along with the listing, as every blemish on the car is shown close-up and in direct sunlight. Imperfections include a handful of minor chips and scratches.
- Wheels are in excellent shape, with no curb rash or damage. Cordovan tires are in nice shape with plenty of tread and no dry rot, DOT CEH087.
- Lights and signals are functional and lenses are all crack-free. Yellow fog lights are functional as well.
- Black soft top is in very nice shape, though there is one puncture on the passenger rear corner (see photo).

- The interior is very bare-bones in these cars. Roll-up windows. Gauges are functional, as is the Kenwood stereo. Speakers are mounted in the “backseat” area and sound great.
- Seats are in good shape, with no significant scratches, scuffs, or tears.
- Aftermarket steering wheel is a great add, as it has a hub that pushes it out a couple inches from the dash. So many early MGs have steering wheels so close to the dash that it's easy to accidentally punch the dash when turning, this aftermarket wheel addresses that concern.
- No floormats.
- Odometer reads 86,060 and is functional. We cannot be certain this is correct original miles, but we do think it's very likely considering that the car does appear to have the original motor.

Under the Hood / Underbody:
- The car runs and drives very, very well. There's really only one drawback of the driving experience, and that's a worn second gear synchro. When letting off the throttle in second, the car has a tendency to slip out of gear. This is quite easy to drive around, but it is worth noting for interested parties.
- The car fires right up without fault. A confidence-inspiring driver. The car doesn't stutter or hesitate under abrupt throttle, and it tracks and brakes nice and straight. No clanks or bangs from the suspension, the car rides very well. It does not vibrate excessively when idling, and stays nice and cool. Exhaust note is fantastic.
- Engine is correct for a '67 MKIII Midget, so we figure it's likely the original unit. It's a 1275cc I4 with a Weber carb.
- Underbody is okay. It's structurally sound, but not pretty. A previous owner appears to have covered the whole underbody with a protective sealant, and while a good move in theory to prevent rusting, the texture isn't smooth and like I said, it doesn't look great.

With any further questions, requests, or to discuss purchasing, please reach out to Jake at 773-267-2684.