Stock # EV614
Mileage: 73,966
Dark Green Metallic

We purchased this '81 Avanti II from a gentleman in the suburbs of Chicago. The car had belonged to his father, who recently passed away. He was a real enthusiast; when we picked the car up, it was sitting in a climate-controlled 4-car garage complete with a lift, ceiling-high shelving loaded with parts, and plenty of vintage signage. While the owner didn't drive the car all that often, as he favored his Firebird, we're told he was adamant about keeping the car absolutely spotless. He took cosmetics very seriously, and the car's excellent level of presentability is a testament to that
- Dark green metallic looks excellent. Finish is very good. Subtle metallic sparkle to it. No dust under the paint, no bubbling, no paint run. Paint was clearly done to a high standard
- No dents or dings. Body is excellent
- Very few blemishes on the car. Blemishes include some minor chipping (primarily on the passenger lower rocker panel), a very light scratch on the lower driver door, two small scratches on the passenger front fender
- Glass is all clear and crack free
- Weatherstripping is very good
- Chrome is very nice throughout. No dings, minimal signs of age
- Ansen Sprint wheels are in excellent shape, with no chipping or damage. A set of Avanti-branded chrome hubs will also come with the car, which were made from a set of Cadillac hubs, and give the look of the early Studebaker Avantis
- Tires are new Kumhos
- Panel fitment is excellent
- Lots of cool styling cues with these cars. The offset hood scoop and cut-out roof lines are a couple of our favorites
- Interior is in excellent shape throughout. Seats show no damage other than creasing on the outer driver's outer bolster. Seats have leather bolsters and suede-like centers. Rear seats look to have been very seldom used. Excellent condition
- Door panels are in nice shape. Only very minor wear. No kicked-open marks
- Powered systems are all functional. This includes fan, wipers, all lights inside and out, and the radio. All gauges are functional as well. The switch inside the ash tray labeled “NOS” is not legitimate but makes for a great joke on your passenger. Heater core was bypassed for the sake of tidiness under the hood
- Headliner is in great shape
- Dash is free of any cracks or discoloring
- Carpeting is in good shape, rubber floormats will come with the car as well
- Odometer reads 73,966 and is believed correct based on condition and known ownership history
Underbody / Under Hood
- The underbody of this car is in very good shape. There is evidence of a previous rust repair along the inside of the driver's rocker, but it looks to have been repaired well. Car is structurally very sound. No through rust. Car has been undercoated to prevent future rust
- Car starts right up first turn without fault, idles cool and steady, accelerates smoothly with no hesitation or stuttering, tracks straight, brakes straight and effectively (front discs, rear drums), and sounds great. Car feels nice and stable, takes speed-bumps and potholes very well
- No leaks
- 305ci V8 is believed to be original, though mildly modified. Summit Racing 4bbl carb, electric choke, headers, cylinder head number is 14014416