Stock # 4413
Mileage: N/A
VIN: 4282864

1974 BMW 2002

Automatic Transmission
Malaga Red / Tan Interior

VIN: 4282864

- Please see the video along with the listing, as the car is shown in detail. Blemishes are all shown close-up and in direct sunlight. Blemishes include bubbling along the bottom of the rear quarters and rockers.
- While the car was originally blue, a previous owner had the car repainted Malaga Red. Malaga is an excellent color on these cars, and the paint shines up nicely. With the bubbles on the lower quarters it's definitely a ten footer, but there's no dust under the paint or any paint run.
- Wheels are in nice shape, with no damage and no oxidation on the chrome rings. GT Champiro tires are in good shape as well, with plenty of tread and no dryness.
- Glass is all clear and crack free.
- Impact bumpers are in good shape, accordions are nice and intact.

- Again, please defer to the video. Tan interior is in OK shape. There is a burst seam on the driver's seat bottom, and the seats show some age by way of minor discoloring around the corners of the headrests. Front and rear seats could use a re-stuffing as well.
- A few cracks in the top of the dash, all hairline. Dash material is nice, with no discoloring or anything.
- Headliner is excellent. Which we rarely see on BMWs of this era, since it's white.
- Fan/Heat/Defrost is functional. Air conditioning does not blow cold. Lights are functional, as are wipers.
- Gauges are all functional including the odometer. Odometer reads 17,108 at the moment, which is assumed to have rolled over.

Under the Hood / Underbody:
- The strongest point of this car is very much the way it runs and drives. It fires right up first turn of the key, idles steady and stays cool, pulls through the gears smoothly, shifts smoothly, tracks and brakes straight. The automatic transmission really impressed us with how smooth and seamless shifts are. A very easy to drive car. There is a slight exhaust leak, so the car makes a little bit of noise. By no means loud, just not dead silent.
- We were a bit bummed when we put the car up in the air. We had just taken it for a nice stretch of the legs and the car drove phenomenally well, but then we saw that the underbody isn't all that pretty. Please defer to the photos for a closer look, but there is a good bit of through rust at the forward corner of the driver's side frame rail.

Overall, this is a super fun, cool, and easy to drive classic BMW that could be enjoyed as-is, or slowly transformed into a really beautiful car. Please reach out to Jake at 773-267-2684 with any questions, requests, or to discuss purchasing.