Stock # 4419
Mileage: 54,054
VIN: 1667458

1969 BMW 2002

Single Family Owned
Complete, Very Original Restoration Candidate

VIN: 1667458

We purchased this 2002 from a gentleman in New York; the car had belonged to his father since new, but had been sitting under a tree in their backyard since his father's passing in the 1980s. As it sits, this is an excellent restoration candidate. There is significant body rust, but the car runs/shifts/stops, and is complete, very original, and actually looks pretty good underneath. As the car sat underneath a tree, water dripped in some spots, but not in others. Because of that, the body rust patterns are a bit odd. There is critical rust along the edge of the trunk lid, as well as the top corner of the passenger door. However, the interior was protected from the elements, and has survived in extremely impressive original condition.

Things to know:
- Car was last road registered in New York in 1978, according to the state stickers on the windshield.
- The M10 engine was mildly modified in period with the fitting of two Weber carbs. Essentially making it 2002ti spec. The car appears to be entirely original with the exception of the Webers, the Mark Donohue wheel, the aftermarket oil pressure and voltage gauges, and of course the wheels.
- We got the car running off an external fuel source. It does run and drive, albeit not anywhere near a point that we would consider it a “driver”. There is a brake pedal though it's very soft. Clutch actually feels quite good, and the car shifts without issue.
- The car has never been repainted.
- Glass and light lenses are all clear and crack-free.
- Odometer reads 54k and is to the best of the son of the original owner's knowledge, is accurate.
- Comes with the spare tire and jack

Block is stamped 26F69. Block part number is 12102100849. Trans number is 06826076. There's a number on the engine, right next to the trans number, that reads 653 but I cannot figure out what this means. Has a 121TI head on it.

Feel free to reach out via phone or email with any further questions.