Stock # 4423
Mileage: 166,520
VIN: WDB1260371A019920
5.0 Liter V8 L

1984 Mercedes 500SEL Euro

German Market Car
Excellent Documentation – Import Docs, Service Receipts From New, Original Manuals
Only Two Owners From New
166,500 Miles


VIN: WDB1260371A019920

Interior: Orion Grey Leather (258)
Paint: Anthracite Grey Metallic (172)

Service Receipts:
1985 (33,000 miles): Replace idler arm bushings, exhaust manifold gaskets, spark plugs, trans filter and gasket, air filter
1986 (42,000 miles): Replace front brake pads, spark plugs, and windshield
1987: Replace warm up regulator, valve cover gasket, fuel hose and clamps, both mufflers
1988 (57,000 miles): Valve cover gaskets, oil, fuel, and trans filters, spark plugs, rear brake pads, front rotors, thermostat and temp switch
1990: Tires and alignment, replace all four shocks
1991: Replace rear differential (product number 126350170388), 2 catalytic converters, exhaust resonator, starter
1992 (82,000 miles): Replace antennae mast, change fluid in limited slip differential, replace inner door handle, replace transmission fluid and filter, replace distributor cap and rotor, replace spark plugs, service power steering, replace window lifter, ignition wires, rebuild fuel injectors, replace brake pads
1993: Replace thermostat, replace warm up regulator and idle control valve
1994 (92,000 miles): Replace front brake rotors, pads, and sensors, replace fuel line and fittings, limited slip diff fluid service, replace sunroof switch
1995: Replace crank seal, rebuild starter, replace transmission pan gasket, replace rear shocks, replace all drive belts, water pump, idler pulley, electronic idle control unit, brake pads and sensors, transmission rebuild – replace and reseal flex plate, replace torque converter, seal, and gasket
1996 (114,000 miles): Replace front tie rod assemblies, replace drag link, replace front brake pads and sensors, replace rear brake pads, replace front shocks and coil springs, replace blower motor, windshield's heater control, ignition wires
1997 (118,000 miles): Replace spark plugs, EGR valve, window regulator, antennae mast
2000 (146,000 miles): Replace engine mounts, front torsion bar, all V belts, oil and air filters, regulator slides, window switches
2001 (156,000 miles): Replace ABS sender, replace vacuum hose for rear door lock
2002: Crank seal, oil pan gasket, trans seal, replace AC condensor
2011: Charged R12 air conditioning system
2003 (158,000 miles): Replace transmission pan gasket and filter, reaction valve, modulator o-rings, idler arm bushings, right ball joint, and convert air conditioning to R134a
2004: Replace ABS computer, replace rear pads and rotors, replace windshield washer pump
2013 (165,000 miles): Tune up – replace spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, oil filter, charge air conditioning
2015: Replace radiator and test cooling system, replace ignition switch, replace fuel pump and filter
2017: Change “all” fluids and filters, replace window regulator

The original maintenance booklet is also stamped all the way through 75,000 miles, last stamped in 1991. Stamps are from German dealers until the 40,000km service, when the car was imported. The car will come with all of those service receipts, original manuals and maintenance booklets in both English and German, as well as all of the importation documents and DOT/EPA certification paperwork from September 1985.

Built October 20th, 1983 and delivered new to Germany, this 500SEL was then imported by AV Fuel Corp of Ann Arbor, MI on behalf of their Production Supervisor. He daily drove the car as his company car until 1992, when he sold it to a gentleman just north of Detroit. The car remained with that second owner until we purchased the car earlier this year. This car has been adult owned, garage-kept, and meticulously maintained since it was new. As it sits now, this is a fantastic driver, daily-driver-ready, with just a handful of places where it's showing its age a bit.

- Please see the video along with the listing, as the car is shown in detail. Every blemish on the car is shown close-up and in direct sunlight.
- Glass and light lenses are all clear and crack-free. The car will also come with a new set of two taillights.
- Anthracite Grey Metallic is a fantastic color on these cars, and presents extremely well throughout. Paint is phenomenally well-preserved considering its age, and goes to show how responsibly this car has been owned and driven over the years.
- Wheels show their age, and should be refinished in order to really bring this car to the next level. Wheels aren't scuffed or damaged, they're just faded. Tires should be replaced sooner rather than later.

- Grey Orion Leather looks great with the grey metallic exterior. Seats are in decent shape, but are fairly deflated. The hand-controlled air pump for lumbar support is functional, but the seat bottoms are pretty well worn-in. There is a small tear on the driver's outer seat bolster.
- Grey carpeting is nice throughout, and the car will also come with a set of black MB floormats.
- Dash is in great shape. Very little for signs of wear. The “wood” inserts are in nice shape as well, with just a couple hairline cracks by the center console and window controls.
- Passenger front window switch is temperamental. Sunroof is functional.
- Air conditioning was converted to R134A in 2003 and most recently serviced in 2013. The compressor appears to be free, but the air conditioning does not blow cold. Heat, fan, defrost are functional.
- Becker Mexico turns on but asks for a radio code that we are not aware of. We do have all of the original manuals for both the car and radio, but cannot figure it out as the manuals are all in German.
- All lights inside and out are functional. Gauges are all functional as well. Odometer reads 166,520 miles and is functional and accurate.

Under the Hood / Underbody:
- Please take a look through the underbody photos, as it's documented in detail. Underbody is in excellent shape. No through rust whatsoever. No evidence of any leaks either, nice and dry. This car has been garage-kept and it shows. The only spots of rust on the car are shown in the video, at the forwardmost point of the rocker panels, though this is just surface rust.
- This car is turn-key. A ready driver. Absolutely no on-road tendencies of concern, very nicely-sorted. It starts right up first turn, gets up to speed effortlessly, brakes well, and the steering is nice and direct. The car tracks straight under both acceleration and braking, and the ride quality is absolutely superb. This drives just like the executive luxury sedan it was intended to be. It has quite of bit of power, but cruises down the road in silent, uneventful form. 166k miles is barely broken in on these cars! The door-close is extremely solid and satisfying; the build quality of Mercedes in the mid-80s was just fantastic.

This European-market 500SEL, with its well-documented ownership and service history, great spec, and rust-free underbody, has a long, long life ahead of it. This would make an excellent cool-car-on-a-budget daily driver. With any further questions, requests, or to discuss purchasing, please reach out to Jake at 773-267-2684.

1984 Mercedes-Benz

500SEL Euro

Stock # 4423