Stock # 6729
Mileage: 127,862
VIN: 2Z63Z524764
390 V8 L
Carnival Red and Sultana White
Red/White Vinyl

1962 Mercury Monterey Coupe

Rust-Free Washington State Car
Very Original and Unrestored
127,860 Miles
Well-Serviced and Well-Documented

VIN: 2Z63Z524764
2: 1962 Model Year
Z: St. Louis, MO Assembly Plant
63: 2dr Hardtop Custom Monterey
Z: 390ci 4bbl V8
524764: Sequence Number

Engine #: C1AE6015
Body: 2dr Hardtop Custom (65B)
Color: Carnival Red and Sultana White (JM)
Trim: White/Red Vinyl (95B)
Date: April 16th, 1962 (16D)
Axle: 3.00:1 (1)
Trans: Dual Range Automatic (4)

We purchased this beautiful 2dr Hardtop Monterey from a gentleman in Minneapolis; he had purchased the car in 2015 from a suburb of Seattle, where the car had been for the last twenty-some-odd years. Ten years and five thousand miles ago, while still in Washington State, this car was subject to a thorough mechanical going-through. There are photos of the receipts in the listing, but the nearly $8,000 service was engine-out and included major items such as a transmission rebuild, a brake service (replace booster, master cylinder, lines, wheel cylinders), installation of new Magnaflow mufflers, complete disassembly and refinishing/painting of the engine, and much more. Like the engine components, the frame and undercarriage were steam-cleaned and refinished as well. Overall, this Monterey is a nice “driver”. It has some blemishes in the largely original paint, has been gone-through with a fine-tooth comb from a mechanical standpoint, and is phenomenally dry and unmolested.

- Please see the video along with the listing, as the car is shown in detail. Blemishes are all shown close-up and in direct sunlight.
- Carnival Red and Sultana White is the original colorway. We put a paint gauge on every panel of the car and were pleasantly surprised by the findings. We knew the car was largely original and enthusiast-owned when we bought it, but had just assumed the car had been painted at one point. The paint gauge showed readings of around a 6.0 on the hood, driver's front fender, and forward portion of the driver's door, which would be consistent with a respray. The rest of the car (trunk lid, rear quarters, all of passenger side, roof) all read between a 1.7 and 2.2 on the elcometer, which would indicate original paint. Considering its age, these original paint panels are in impressive shape. A testament to how well-taken-care-of this car was over the years. There are a couple fairly significant scratches that were touched-up, and the driver's door shows some blemishes. In the photos you will note some overspray on the trim on the driver's door. This is the most glaring spot on the car. While the paint isn't perfect, it is nice to see that there isn't any bubbling. The lower corners of the car are nice and tidy, with no body rust. No filler either, amazingly enough, as evidenced by paint gauge readings on all of the lower corners of the car.
- Chrome is excellent throughout. No significant oxidation or damage. Mirror-like finish.
- Wheels are in excellent shape, with no dings or oxidation. Tires appear to be relatively recent, as they show very little wear and no dry rot, but we don't know exactly how old they are.
- There are two small chips in the windshield. Aside from that, glass is clear and crack-free.

- Original interior is in impressive shape. Please defer to the photos/video, but there are no major scuffs or damage. Minor signs of age, as to be expected of nearly 60 year old vinyl.
- Odometer reads 27,862 and is known to have rolled over once. Odometer is functional, as are all other gauges. Dash lights are functional, as is the heat and fan. The radio powers on and we can hear the speakers turn on, but the power antennae is not functional so we do not get any music. Wipers work, all lights and signals are functional as well. This car is not fitted with air conditioning.
- Headliner is in decent shape. No stains or discoloring, but a tiny bit of sag. Not so much that it'll touch your head or anything, but a little bit of sag.
- Presumed original carpeting is just decent as well, with some slight discoloring from age.

Under the Hood / Underbody:
- This car retains what we believe is its original 390ci V8. Block number C1AE6015, which denotes a '61 block, consistent with a car from the '62 model year. Transmission is a rebuilt C4 automatic, date stamped 1964.
- Well documented service history. There are photos at the end of the listing of a major receipt from ten years and five thousand miles ago.
- Please take a look through the underbody photos, as it's documented in detail. Underbody is fantastic. No rust whatsoever, and no evidence of previous metal work. This car has been garage-kept in a dry part of the country and it shows.
- The car runs and drives phenomenally well with one small exception, it stumbles for a split second if you really jump on the accelerator, as opposed to rolling onto the pedal. A carb rebuild would almost certainly iron that out; we haven't dived too far into it. Aside from this minor tendency, the car is truly an impressive driver. The car fires right up with the pulling up of the gear lever, it brakes extremely well, tracks nice and straight, steering is featherweight and direct, suspension is responsive and free of any play or questionable noises, and the car idles cool and steady with no leaks. Engine bay is super clean, with the engine components having been refinished and painted when the engine rebuild was carried out in 2007.

With any further questions, requests, or to discuss purchasing, please reach out to Jake at 773-267-2684.