Stock # EV696
Mileage: 206
VIN: 6L47S8Q274712
425 V8 L
Arizona Beige / Demitasse Brown
Brown Leather

1978 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Custom Classic

Only 206 Miles From New!
Window Sticker Still on Glass, Plastic Still on Interior
Single Family Owned
Original Bill of Sale, Registration, Insurance
One of Only 2000 Built – Last of the Big Eldorados!
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VIN: 6L47S8Q274712

We purchased this time-capsule of an Eldorado Biarritz Custom Classic from a gentleman just outside Detroit; his father-in-law George had bought the car new in 1978 and immediately put it away in storage. Cadillac had just announced the '78 Eldorado Biarritz Custom Classic as the swansong of the big Eldos, and George hedged his bets on it soon becoming a collector's item. He went to the local dealer, bought the car, brought it home, prepped it for long-term storage (drained fuel from carb and tank, sprayed all under-hood rubber with a lubricant to help preserve it), and put the car into a sealed storage container. When his daughter was married some years later, he gifted the car to his daughter and her new husband (who we bought the car from). They opted to leave the car in storage under her dad's care, as opposed to pulling the plastic off the interior and getting the car back on the road. And we are so glad they did! Very, very rarely do we see something preserved to such a high degree.

- Please see the video along with the listing, as the car is shown in detail. Blemishes are all shown close-up and in direct sunlight, though there are very few. There is one small scratch on the roof, but that's really it for blemishes. The original filler panels have some partial cracks, as to be expected on an unmolested Caddy of this vintage. We elected not to replace and paint them, because as we see it, this car's whole charm is in the fact that it's untouched and exactly as it left the factory.
- It took us a few days to warm up to the magnificent two-tone color scheme of the car. Arizona Beige and Demitasse Brown complement each other so well. The photos do not do this car justice in the slightest. In sunlight, the brown hood and roof have a nice, subtle metallic sparkle to it. This car has never been buffed. Typically we will buff and wax a car when we're preparing it for sale, but we elected to leave this car totally untouched.
- Chrome is very nice throughout. We left it unpolished, but it shows no pitting or corrosion. Just the tiniest bit of observable aging, but this absolutely would wipe away with an acid solution or polish. Again, please defer to the video for a close look.
- Wheels are in like-new condition. The car was stored since new with the hubcaps in the trunk. No discoloration, damage, or anything of the sort. Tires are of course original. No dry rot or flat spots.
- Glass and light lenses are all clear and crack-free.
- Vinyl top is excellent. No rust bulging underneath, no damage.
- All original body shims throughout. No panels have ever been removed or altered.

- Well, it doesn't get any more like-new. No imperfections to note. Seriously. Even the carpeting around the gas pedal shows as new. Steering wheel still wears the protective plastic. Seats still wear protective plastic aside from the driver's seat back. Rear seats have not been ridden in. Brown leather is just gorgeous.
- Power antennae is not functional, but the AM/FM/8 track radio does work. CB radio is functional as well.
- All dash lights are functional. Wipers work. Front and rear defrost work. Blower works. Power seats are functional, as are power windows and locks. All lights inside and out work properly. Weatherstripping and rubber is all excellent. Odometer turns, and reads 207 at the moment. AC system is still pressurized, amazingly enough. Not sure of R12 level, but it is still holding pressure.
- Top of the steering column has some oxidation, would more than likely wipe off with a potent soap. Again, we want to leave this car as survivor-like as possible. The next owner can risk staining surfaces with potent cleaners.
- Carpeting and mats are like-new. No stains, even around the pedals.

Under the Hood / Underbody:
- Please take a look through the underbody photos, as it's documented in detail. Underbody is extremely impressive. The storage container that this car was stored in from 1978-2018 was totally dry, and the car managed to escape forty years of storage with no rust, both on the underbody and body panels. There is a close walk-through of the underbody at the end of the video. Amazing to see an original exhaust that hasn't rusted through! All the original blue paint is still intact, all the badges and stickers are still clearly legible, and there is no damage or through rust whatsoever. This car was not undercoated, and it is truly amazing to see how well it has survived over the years.
- The engine bay has not been gone over and dressed up to look like new, it's truly a survivor. All original under the hood. Belts, hoses, wiring, plug wires, etc. We had the original radiator re-cored so that it wouldn't seep coolant, but that (and an oil change) is the only thing that has been changed since the car was new. Under hood rubber is very impressive; the original owner sprayed all the rubber with a protective lubricant when he put the car away in '78, and it really did serve its purpose. No dried hoses or vacuum leaks. Factory paint dabs are still visible all over the place. Underhood pad looks like new, as do all the stickers under the hood and trunk lid. Original battery cables and box.
- Carburetor is original and even still has the factory markings on the butterflies. See photo.
- Trunk rubber is like-new. Soft-close is functional, as is glovebox release switch. All mats are present, spare tire and tools are all present, including the tire inflator. Original license plate frame is still in the paper.
- The car runs and drives. We have driven the car three miles since re-coring the radiator and changing the oil and were very impressed overall. The farthest it's been driven since the 70s! No belt squeaks, power steering is nice and light with no noises or leaks. The car stays nice and cool. Idles steady and silently. No exhaust leaks. Stumbles a little bit when first getting on the pedal, but is fine if you roll into it. Brakes are smooth and it has good pedal feel. Another testament to how well-stored this car was. Very impressive that the brakes move freely and hold fluid just fine.

With any further questions, requests, or to discuss purchasing, please reach out to Jake at 773-267-2684.

1978 Cadillac

Eldorado Biarritz Custom Classic

Stock # EV696