Stock # EV714
Mileage: 23,460
VIN: AR664832
1570cc Twin Cam I4 L
5spd Manual

1967 Alfa Romeo Duetto

Very Original, Very Dry SURVIVOR
Excellent Driver
White over Red (Original Paint!)

VIN: AR664832
Engine Number: AR00536-15077 (Correct, Duetto 1600)

We purchased this beautiful '67 Duetto from a gentleman in Indiana who had owned the car for the last ten years. When going through the file of paperwork on the car, we found a handful of receipts from a previous owner whose address was actually in the neighborhood of our shop. So we tried the phone number on the service receipts in an attempt to let him know his car was back in the area. The guy actually answered who had owned the car all throughout the 80s, 90s, and into the 2000s and he was able to tell us quite a bit about the car. He had purchased it from the original owner in inland California in the early 80s, then kept the car at his house in Michigan as a summer driver until he sold it to someone in Indiana, who we ended up purchasing it from. 3 owner car, to the best of our knowledge. We had suspected the paint was original since the elcometer readings on the car were consistent with original paint and we saw no signs otherwise, so when we spoke with the long-term owner and he said, “I sure hope it [the car] hasn't been painted….are the little green decals still on the fenders? The car still had its original paint when I had it, with the exception of the nose having been resprayed after an 'Alfa Kiss'.” As it sits now, this car is truly an excellent example. It's incredibly dry, unrestored with no rust, and fun-to-drive. It's nicely sorted from a mechanical standpoint, has a great color combo, and is extremely honest and original.

- Please see the video along with the listing, as the car is documented in detail.
- Body is phenomenally dry. No bubbling whatsoever. Very, very impressive for an unrestored Alfa of the 60s. There are a couple dings however. The most significant is the one on the nose (see video), and there is another, less significant ding on the rear edge of the trunk lid.
- Original paint with the exception of the nose having been sprayed and blended into the hood and top of the fenders. There is checking in the paint on the nose and onto the hood. Paint presents very well overall though. There are a number of small chips along the door crease and mid line on both sides; these have all been touched up and are really only noticeable with a close look. Paint gauge readings are viewable in the gallery for those who are interested. In the trunk we noticed that the car actually still has the Duco sticker with the BIANCO 95-C-026 paint code on there. The shock towers in the trunk even still have the dabs of red factory paint on them!
- Polished surfaces are in good shape throughout. Minimal oxidation. Weatherstripping is definitely dry inside the door sill, particularly on the passenger side, but is nice everywhere else.
- Glass is clear and crack-free. Front windshield still has the 1975 California inspection sticker on it, left from the original owner. Light lenses are also clear and crack-free throughout. The car retains its Hella H4 lenses, Carello light covers, as well as its Vitaloni fender-mounted mirror.
- Original steelies show some patina, but we do have a second, much nicer set that will also go with the car. Those wheels are in good condition but wear a set of dry old Cinturatos. Polished hubcaps show some dings in the front, the rears are very nice.
- Soft top is in good shape. There are two small punctures that were repaired on the passenger side. The car will also come with a hardtop, which looks great on the car. The hardtop is in decent shape and fits well, but doesn't have much for fastening down. That will need to be addressed before really seeing use.

- Seats were reupholstered in a very nice medium-dark red vinyl. The original seat material wasn't thrown out, but rather kept in a box that will go along with the car. Seats are excellent.
- Dash has four large cracks on top. They're taped over with black tape at the moment, but that's the most glaringly worn part of the car.
- Odometer reads 23,458 and is functional. Five digit odometer, so we cannot be certain of actual mileage. Other gauges are all functional as well. This car does not have air conditioning. Blower makes a bit of racket, which is kind of annoying. All lights and signals are functional. AM/FM/Cassette radio is not functional.

Under the Hood / Underbody:
- Please take a look through the underbody photos, as the car is documented in detail. Underbody is excellent. No previous metal work and no through rust. Very much structurally sound. Extremely impressive shape for an unrestored Alfa, and a definite highlight of the car.
- This car retains what we presume is its original engine, the 1570cc twin-cam I4. The AR00536 block decodes as correct for a series one Duetto, and the two of three owners since new that we were able to get a hold of weren't aware of any engine swaps. Five speed manual trans number is 99289, with a 9/41 final drive.
- Runs and drives very, very well. The sound is absolutely magnificent. The car idles cool and steady, pulls really hard through the gears without any hesitation, shifts smoothly, brakes straight and effectively, tracks straight, and feels nice and light on its feet. No creaks or squeaks over bumps, no noises or tendencies of concern. A confidence-inspiring driver that has put us on a real Alfa kick. Sweet car!

With any further questions, requests, or to discuss purchasing, please reach out to Jake at 773-267-2684.