Stock # EV725
Mileage: 174,300
VIN: 7T03T284087
200ci I6 L
C4 Auto
White Vinyl

1967 Ford Mustang Convertible

Single Family Owned
Fully Restored in 2011 ($28k in Receipts)
Recently Rebuilt 200ci I6 & C4 Automatic Transmission
174,300 Miles (1,500ish Since Total Rebuild)

VIN: 7T03T284087
7: 1967 Model Year
T: Metuchen, NJ Assembly Plant
03: Convertible
T: 200ci I6
284087: Unit Number

Body: Convertible with Standard Interior, Bucket Seats (76A)
Color: Wimbledon White (M)
Trim: Black Crinkle Vinyl (2A)
Date: July 17th, 1967 (17U)
District Sales Office: Philadelphia, PA (16)
Axle: 3.20:1, Conventional (3)
Transmission: 3spd Manual (1)
Top: Nightmist Blue (K)

We purchased this excellent '67 Mustang Convertible out of Pennsylvania, where it had remained with the same family since new. The son of the original owner had the car fully restored at Mid-County Classic Mustang in PA in 2011, and had multiple updates done to the car to make it more usable for his father, who was elderly at the time. In addition to body, paint, an engine rebuild, and a trans rebuild (PLEASE INQUIRE FOR SCANNED RECEIPTS), he also had the car fitted with front disc brakes, power steering, and a retro-looking modern stereo. The original 3spd manual was swapped in favor of a C4 Automatic for easier driving, and the original black interior was swapped in favor of a complete white interior from a '70 Mustang. As it sits now, this is a phenomenally nice to drive, clean, no-hassle classic Mustang Convertible. While not a more powerful V8 example, the I6 in this car is a delight. This car is the perfect cruiser, and is truly in need of nothing other than someone to use and enjoy it. Excellent from a mechanical/driveability standpoint.

- Please see the video along with the listing, as the car is covered in detail. Blemishes are all shown close up and under direct sunlight. Car was repainted in 2011 and presents well, with minimal blemishes. There are a handful of chips, but nothing significant. Blemishes are limited to some chipping along the driver's door crease as well as some minor oxidation on window trim. While the car was originally white, it underwent a color change to red during the restoration. Respray is what we'd call B level. Super presentable with a deep shine, but there are some tiny little dust nibs scattered about the car. It'd probably benefit from a wet sand.
- Convertible top is in close-to-new condition. The car was originally spec'd with a blue top, interesting since it had black interior, rather than blue. Top was replaced during the restoration, and the blue was ditched in favor of white. Rear plastic piece is nice and clear, with no significant creases or discoloring.
- Chrome is very nice throughout. Front and rear bumpers are clean and mirror-like. No oxidation or damage.
- Wheels are in great shape. Hubcaps show no curb rash, damage, or oxidation. Tires are in great shape and the DOT number indicates they were manufactured in 2010. DOT HBH1310.
- Glass is all clear and crack-free, as are light lenses. All lights and signals are functional.
- Doors and trunk open and close smoothly and easily.

- Please defer to the photos and video, as the interior is shown in detail. White interior out of a '70 Mustang differs from the original black interior in that '67s didn't have headrests and '70s did. Condition of the interior is quite good. 174,275 miles on the odometer is accurate based on known history from new, with about 170k of those miles being put on by the original owner himself. Seats show no burst seams, scuffs, or significant signs of age other than minor waviness of the outer seat bottom. Rear seats don't appear to have been used. Door sills are clean and polished.
- Gauges are all functional and nicely presented with minimal oxidation or wear. Original radio was swapped out in favor of a Custom Autosounds Concours Series AM/FM radio, which is functional and looks just right situated in the dash. “Correct”-looking. Lights, blower, wipers, and signals are all functional.
- Crack-free dash.

Under the Hood / Underbody:
- Please inquire for scanned service receipts of EVERYTHING. Engine rebuild, trans rebuild, suspension overhaul, disc brake installation, body work, paint, etc. Work was all done at the same shop, Mid County Mustang in Uwchland, PA. They really did an excellent job on the mechanical side of things; the car is an absolute pleasure to drive. Extremely smooth and well-sorted. Wouldn't hesitate to fly in and drive home, regardless of destination. No noises or tendencies of concern whatsoever. The car fires up first turn, idles cool and steady, pulls though the gears without even the slightest hesitation, shifts buttery smooth, and stops straight and effectively. The add-ons of power steering and disc brakes really set this car apart from the rest. Easy and enjoyable to drive. To put it in relatable terms, I'd sell this car to my mother!
- Underbody is nice and solid, having been gone-over during the restoration. It's not all new metal throughout, but rust was repaired where necessary. Underbody is documented in detail, so take a look through the photos.

With any further questions, requests, or to discuss purchasing, please reach out to Jake at 773-267-2684.

1967 Ford

Mustang Convertible

Stock # EV725