Stock # EV726
Mileage: N/A
VIN: 124378L320119
350ci V8 L
TH350 Auto
Glacier Blue
Black Vinyl

1968 Chevrolet Camaro

Glacier Blue / Black Vinyl
350ci V8 / TH350 Automatic

VIN: 124378L320119
12437: Camaro, 8 Cylinder, 2dr Sport Coupe
8: 1968 Model Year
L: Van Nuys, CA Assembly Plant
320119: Unit number

We purchased this beautiful '68 Camaro from a gentleman in Texas who had purchased the car out of Montana four years ago. Under the Texas-based owner, the car saw a good bit of mileage as well as mechanical tending-to. Components new within the last few years include a power steering pump, water pump, 3 core aluminum radiator with twin electric fans, and miscellaneous gaskets. The 350ci V8 is not original to the car and is unmodified, no aggressive cam or anything like that. Very much a cruiser street car. Ten bolt rear end with 3.31 gears. As it sits now, this is a strong runner driver in impressive cosmetic order, an excellent color, with only minor signs of age or wear. There is one thing to be aware of, however. The car currently has a rebuilt Texas title, something that the previous owner claims he wasn't even aware of (he had financed the car, bank held title). We have given the car a very thorough going-over, and there are absolutely no signs of any impact damage, front or rear. Please give the plethora of underbody photos a look. Frame rails are nice and straight, and no components show any kinks or evidence of significant repairs. Body is totally straight as well, with no bondo waviness or anything like that. We're lead to believe that the car was deemed salvage at one point due to an insurance claim of some sort, not a catastrophic accident. While a rebuilt title will of course impact resale value a bit, the car is absolutely as it should be. For somebody who is after a car to drive and enjoy, rather than put into a provenance-driven collection, this car represents an excellent opportunity to get into a nice example at a discounted price.

- Please see the video along with the listing, as the car is covered in detail. Blemishes are all shown close up and under direct sunlight. There sure aren't many. Blemishes include some chipping and slightly discolored striping on the nose.
- As the trim tag on the firewall is not present, we are unsure of the original color. The car currently wears a beautiful coat of silver blue, which is nothing shy of stunning in sunlight. Paint is what we'd call B+ level. It presents extremely well and to the untrained eye looks totally perfect, but to a show-car veteran there is a very slight “orange peel” finish in a couple areas. By no means is this glaring.
- Chrome is excellent throughout. Mirror-like, with no oxidation or damage. Trim pieces are in good shape all around.
- Glass is clear and crack free, as are light lenses.
- Wheels are in excellent shape. No curb rash or other damage. Tires are in nice shape as well, with 7/32” of tread remaining up front, 8/32” in the rear. DOT number K4UPNX713410.
- Z/28 and 302 badged “clone”.
- Panel fitment is great all the way around. Doors open and close nice and smoothly.

- Again, please defer to the photos and video. Interior does show some minor signs of wear but is very much presentable overall. There is a crack in the vinyl on the driver's door arm rest, chipping on the steering wheel and center console, some cloudiness of the gauges, and fraying carpet at the forward point of the driver's floor (car will come with a driver's floormat).
- Black vinyl seats are quite good. Outer bolsters are nice and clean. No significant scuffs, scrapes, or scratches.
- Dash pad is excellent. No cracks or signs of wear.
- Gauges are all functional, including the odometer. Five digit odometer reads 29,744 and we are unaware of actual mileage.
- AM/FM/Cassette radio is functional. Blower/fan is functional. Air conditioning is not, and the AC components are not present.

Under the Hood / Underbody:
- Car looks great underneath. Very much structurally sound. No through rust, not really even any surface rust to note. Floors are nice and solid. Take a look through the photos.
- Front disc brakes and power steering!
- The 350ci V8 in the car is not original, though it was a factory V8 car. We are unsure of mileage on the current motor, though the engine bay is very tidy. Transmission is a TH350 automatic.
- The car runs and drives nicely. It starts first turn, idles cool and steady, tracks straight, shifts smoothly, and brakes straight and effectively. Powered steering is nice and light. With 3.31 gearing, the car is set up more for cruising than get-up-and-go. Very pleasant car to drive. In the walkaround video you may note a rattling noise as I walk around to the rear of the car; this was exhaust-related and we have since fixed it.

With any further questions, requests, or to discuss purchasing, please reach out to Jake at 773-267-2684.